Traveler facing away from camera taking picture of Madagascar jungle

A Photographer’s Paradise

Madagascar is one of the world’s top venues for wildlife photography. Athletic lemurs “dancing” across the pathway in front of us and endangered indri are just the beginning of the species we may photograph. Big, colorful chameleons and well camouflaged leaf-tailed geckos seem to pose for close-ups. The gigantic comet moth might dive-bomb us in the evening at Ranomafana, and we may also see the island’s largest predator, the fossa, with its dog-like snout and cat-like body, in Kirindy.

Madagascar’s landscapes are just as remarkable as its wildlife. The baobab, for example, is one of the world’s most unusual—and photogenic—trees. We explore the Avenue of the Baobabs at both sunrise and sunset, so you can photograph stunning specimens in the glow of afternoon light, as well as in the early morning’s slanting rays. Lush rainforests of the eastern mountains, the startling geography of tsingy, the spiny desert’s Dr. Seussian flora, thatched-roof houses, waterfalls, and villages—all make fascinating subjects.

Malagasy locals walking with baskets on head at sunset next to baobab trees

It’s fun to photograph Malagasy people, too, with their permission. They are a wonderful mix of ethnicities, descended from Madagascar’s early settlers who arrived from the African continent, Malaysia, and Polynesia. Many wear colorful clothing, and we may see women whose faces are painted with tamarind paste, a traditional sunscreen.

We’ve structured our itineraries so you can choose the length of your hikes every day; photographers who want to linger for that perfect shot can opt for a leisurely pace. We offer optional early morning outings for birders and night walks to observe nocturnal animals, all accompanied by naturalist guides who will help you find the species you’re looking for.

Lemur sitting on tree branch with flowers looking up at camera

Contact our Africa Specialists

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