Tourist meets local children near flowering tree in Madagascar.


Cultural Connections in Madagascar

Wilderness Travel’s long-term relationships in Madagascar give you the privilege of insider access and authentic cultural exchanges. Depending on the adventure you choose, you can visit a school that has been a success story for nearby families, travel to a fishing village by outrigger canoe, talk with local female weavers and see their hand-loomed designs, visit with traditional wood carvers and paper makers, dance to live Malagasy music, and visit a wildlife research center.

Madagascar schoolgirl stands in front of chalkboard.
Women and children from Madagascar’s Betsileo tribe pour rice from baskets.

Visit an Inspiring School

This project near Antananarivo was begun by a Malagasy couple with a background in education. They started a school for their employees’ children when they realized the staff at their artisan metal-working shop couldn’t afford to send their children to local classes. The school has grown to serve 380 children, ages 4-16, who are excelling academically.

Participate in a Cooking Class

An enchanting blend of French, Indonesian, Malaysian, and East African influences, traditional Malagasy cuisine is delicious, and we’ll be sure you sample the best of it. We visit a market to see ingredients ranging from golden-hued turmeric to fragrant local vanilla, and even have a cooking class right in the kitchen of a popular local restaurant.

Tourist in Madagascar with local weavers showing handicrafts.
Boy in Madagascar with lemons in basket on head.

Meet Weavers at a Co-Op

The Ranomafana Women’s Weaving Cooperative trains local women and offers sustainably made Malagasy scarves and baskets, providing economic stability. Our Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path group visits the weaving cooperative.

Talk With a Wildlife Researcher

ValBio Center is a world-class research facility founded by renowned primatologist Dr. Patricia Wright. The facility helps both the locals and the international community better understand the importance of conservation. Wilderness Travel’s Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path participants stop in, talk with a wildlife researcher, and attend a lecture.

Local women dancing in Madagascar.
Hands planting indigenous tree seedling in Madagascar.

Dance to Live Malagasy Music

With instruments and traditions spanning Africa, Indonesia, and the Arabian Peninsula, as well as France and Great Britain, Malagasy music is unique and haunting. At a private performance, you’ll be able to dance to the reverberations of the valiha, Madagascar’s national instrument, which is crafted from a hefty stalk of bamboo.

Participate in a Reforestations Project

Learn about the country’s unique environmental challenges in Andasibe. We’ll meet our guide’s son, who has been involved with reforestation for eight years, and a local man who has worked as a seed collector for 20 years.

Plant a Seedling Tree

Collaborate with a local guide association to help protect the environment. Our Madagascar: Off the Beaten Path participants can plant baobab seedlings along the Avenue of the Baobabs; Magical Madagascar participants can plant a local tree species in Andasibe.

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