A herd of zebras in Tanzania.


Tanzania Safaris

From Serengeti Safaris to the Summit of Kilimanjaro

Tanzania is a strikingly beautiful country that offers some of Africa’s greatest bucket-list experiences, from witnessing the Great Migration on the famed Serengeti Plains to trekking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, the “Roof of Africa”. We’ve crafted a series of thrilling Tanzania safaris & adventures throughout this vast and varied country, and perfected them over the past four decades.

A campsite in Tanzania.

What Makes Our Tanzania Safaris Special

  • Exclusive Luxury Camps in Ideal Locations for Game Viewing — Our seasonally adjusted itineraries get you right into the heart of the Great Migration no matter what time of year you go. We get you away from the lodge circuit and its crowds, and into luxurious camps that are for our groups alone!
  • Comfortable Vehicles, Specially Designed for Safari — In our custom-designed Land Cruisers, each passenger has their own window seat and ample room to stretch out.
  • A Variety of Activities — In addition to phenomenal daily game drives, our safaris include cultural encounters with the Maasai, a visit to Mary Leakey’s Olduvai Gorge, a hiking excursion to the highest waterfall in Tanzania, night drives, bush walks, and private charter flights that offer spectacular aerial views of the Great Migration.
  • Expert Leaders Who Stay With You Throughout — Our world-class Trip Leaders and assistant naturalist guides accompany you for your entire safari—you aren’t handed off to different guides as you often are on a lodge-based safari.
  • The Best (and Best Kept Secret) National Parks — Our itineraries are designed to give you true exclusivity within the best wildlife parks in the world, making you feel like you have all of Africa to yourself. We know exactly where to bring you, during what time of year, for the best game viewing possible.

Everything You Need to Know

The Great Migration is the largest mass movement of land mammals on Earth, when more than a million wildebeest circle through the Serengeti plains in Tanzania and Kenya. This migration never stops as it circles the plains all year.

There are two main seasons for a Great Migration safari: December-March (Southern Serengeti) and June-October (Northern Serengeti). Both seasons offer their pros and cons, but you truly can’t go wrong with either. We give a detailed description of the differences between these seasons below.

Serengeti National Park map.
A lion pride at Ngorongoro Crater.

Tanzania has some of the most phenomenal national parks for wildlife viewing on the planet. We put together a list of our favorites that maximize your chances of astounding big game sightings, and of seeing the more elusive species.

A private tent in Tanzania.

Our seasonal tented camps are strategically positioned well away from the lodge circuit in locations that put you in the heart of the migrating wildlife action! These camps will pamper you with superb service (a staff to guest ratio of 1:1) and delightful amenities. They are a relaxing oasis after a long day on safari. 

A group of people on a safari, observing three lions.

Our primary vehicles in Tanzania are Toyota Land Cruisers, renowned for being the most rugged and reliable 4X4 safari vehicles in the world. Rather than use crowded pop-top minibuses that can’t go off-road, our rugged off-road vehicles have three rows of seats for only five passengers, guaranteeing every guest a window seat and plenty of space!

A group of people on a safari.

There’s so much to see and experience in Tanzania that the design of your trip is especially important. We provided a sample day itinerary so you can know when to expect before you arrive.

Cheetah cubs.

Community & Conservation

We are a founding member of the Friends of Serengeti, a non-profit association of travel companies, dedicated to the lasting protection of the Serengeti ecosystem. All of our trips in Tanzania directly donate to a variety of programs, including conservation education for locals, reforestation, conservation radio broadcasting technology, and safeguarding the ethical treatment of Kilimanjaro porters.


This was an unforgettable trip. High points, of course, were seeing and being so close to beautiful animals, and learning so much about how life unfolds in this wild and wonderful place. I also loved the visit to the Maasai village—it didn’t feel like a tourist mill; it seemed very genuine, and I really enjoyed being with the people, even though we were not speaking the same language.


This trip was a veritable feast of scenery, wildlife and culture. I had great expectations but what I actually experienced far surpassed them.


Excellent—it really was the trip of a lifetime. We saw and learned so much. I saw the animals I wanted to see and saw others I didn’t know even existed!


The sheer volume of migrating animals overwhelmed us, and it was a pleasure to be able to see so many types of wildlife. To travel to a place where the internet is left behind and experience the true beauty and nature of a country is my idea of a perfect vacation.


I have dreamed of taking this trip for years. Truly this journey exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The wildlife, terrain, people, staff and fellow trip mates made it an adventure to always treasure. I feel blessed and fortunate. Thank you Wilderness Travel. You have my complete confidence.


The food, especially in the camps, was outstanding. Always fresh fruit and vegetables—something we miss on many other travels.


This was the trip of a lifetime! It was especially meaningful to me because I celebrated my 65th birthday while there and the staff couldn’t have been more accommodating. When the staff sang the Swahili version of a birthday song, it melted my heart. I learned so much about so many aspects of Tanzania, its people and wildlife. All of this will remain in my heart for many years to come.

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