A group of people on a safari.


A Day on Safari in Tanzania – What to Expect

A Typical Day on Safari

6:00 AM
The day starts when one of the camp staff greets you with hot coffee or tea at your tent and you stop by the dining tent for a hearty breakfast. We then head out for our morning game drive—the best time to see wildlife, as the temperatures are cool and predators are still quite active—particularly the big cats, who may feed on their prey from the night before.

9:30 AM
We’ll make a brief and restorative stop for mid-morning tea, coffee, and snacks before resuming our game drive.

12:30 PM
While we were out delighting in the varied wildlife and landscape, the camp staff has been preparing a delicious lunch—freshly baked breads, wholesome salads, and an array of interesting menus catering to both meat lovers and vegetarians. Swap stories with your fellow travelers and learn more from your Trip Leaders on the species we observed that morning and how they fit into the ecosystems we’ve explored.

1:30 PM
Following the lead of the animals, we’ll rest in the warmest part of the day. Review your photos, recharge your batteries, and savor the leisure time. Your tent’s front porch is an ideal place for some reading—and the day’s early start makes a siesta that much more enjoyable!

3:00 PM
Game drives resume as the day starts to cool off, when the bush comes alive again.

Indulging in a wonderful safari tradition, we’ll pause in a scenic location—or around the fire back at camp—to enjoy a “sundowner” cocktail (gin and tonic is the safari classic), and soak in the surroundings as night begins to fall.

7:30 PM
After freshening up and regrouping around the campfire to relive the day’s excitement, supper will be served either al fresco or in the dining tent. Following a three-course meal and nightcaps, we’ll retire for the evening, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the bush.


I’d recommend this trip wholeheartedly. We went out and found animals—taking initiative and a go-getter attitude that was refreshing and aggressive. The guides were masterful at game-spotting and putting us in position to see wildlife, and at explaining regional ecology and dynamics. Great guide staff and diligent planning went into this. Great job, Wilderness Travel!

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