Safari vehicle with travelers.


Our Safari Vehicles in Tanzania

Wilderness Travel’s primary vehicles for our Tanzania safaris are Toyota Land Cruisers, renowned for being the most rugged and reliable 4X4 safari vehicles in the world. They excel in off-track terrain and each has been custom-modified with Volvo seats that offer adjustable lumbar support. With a maximum of just five guests per vehicle, each passenger is guaranteed his or her own window seat and ample room to stretch out—both for your legs and your camera gear! And best of all, the drivers are under no mileage restrictions—they will go where the wildlife viewing is best, and are under no pressure to limit their route to save gas, as is common in cheaper safaris, especially those using the cramped “pop-top” mini-vans that can’t go off-road.

Two cheetahs on the roof of a safari vehicle.
A traveler taking photos of wildbeest from a safari vehicle.

All of our vehicles have been equipped with:

An open safari vehicle.

“Open” Safari Vehicles While in Tarangire

Once at our Osunyai Lamarkau Camp in Tarangire, we will switch our daily game drives to “open” safari vehicles. These are also rugged Land Cruisers, but we’ve stripped the walls and roof off the chassis to allow you to feel that there is nothing between you and the sights, sounds, and smells of Tanzania. It’s a delightful experience and it offers excellent game viewing as the seating is gradually tiered, with the back rows higher than the front—similar to theater seating. There is an awning overhead to offer sun protection. Obviously, an open vehicle like this is only appropriate when the weather is good and there is no need to travel at fast speeds.

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