A family of ring-tailed Madagascan lemurs cuddle up.


Top 8 Things to Do in Madagascar

Madagascar has a wide array of things to see and do when you visit, and our itineraries make sure you get to experience the best of it all. We put together a list of the top 8 things you have to do when you visit.

1Watch the Sunrise at the Avenue of the Baobabs

See an iconic site in the perfect light. We’ll visit this photogenic area for several days, with opportunities to view it both at sunrise and during the afternoon “golden hour.”

2 Hike to the tsingy at Ankarana National Park

These fantastic spiky karst formations create a spectacular landscape in Ankarana, which is an important refuge for the distinctive crowned lemur and the small insect-eating songbirds that forage together here in bands. (Tsingy translates to English as Where one cannot walk barefoot.

3Meet the “Father of Man” at Andasibe National Park

The three-foot-tall indri lemurs, whose Malagasy name is babakoto, or “Father of Man,” are renowned treetop acrobats whose eerie “songs” carry for miles as one troop calls another to establish their territories.

4Watch the Sunrise at the Avenue of the Baobabs

One of Madagascar’s most biodiverse hotspots—with 75 species of birds, 25 species of mammals, 35 species of frogs, and 40 species of butterflies—Amber Mountain is known for abundant waterfalls, crystal-clear crater lakes, huge bird’s nest ferns, and the world’s smallest chameleon.

5 Taste the Traditional Cuisine of Madagascar

An enchanting blend of French, Indonesian, and African influences, traditional Malagasy cuisine is delicious, and we’ll be sure you sample the best of it. We visit a market to see ingredients ranging from golden-hued turmeric to fragrant local vanilla, and even have a cooking class right in the kitchen of a popular restaurant.

6Participate in Unique Cultural Exchanges

Tour a sustainable women’s weaving cooperative, travel to a traditional fishing village by outrigger canoe, and visit an inspiring school founded by a Malagasy couple that is now teaching 380 children ages 4-16.

7Participate in a Reforestation Project

Learn about the country’s unique environmental challenges in Andasibe. We’ll meet our guide’s son, who has been involved with reforestation for eight years, and a local man who has worked as a seed collector for 20 years. You’ll have an opportunity to plant a seedling, supporting local conservation efforts.

8Revel in a Photographer’s Paradise

From its weird and wonderful wildlife—including ring-tailed lemurs and spectacularly colorful chameleons—to otherworldly landscapes of baobabs and the spiny forest, to the rich cultural blend created by influences from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the African mainland, Madagascar is a visual delight.

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