Namibia Giraffe Conservation Safari

World Exclusive Safari with GPS Tagging of Giraffe

July 4-17, 2021

Namibia is a hauntingly beautiful land brimming with stunning landscapes and rare species found nowhere else. It is also an amazing story of wildlife conservation and hope. On our world-exclusive safari, we’ll join Dr. Julian Fennessy and his conservationists from the Giraffe Conservation Foundation for two thrilling days, working right alongside them in the field to track and attach GPS tags to wild giraffes—be prepared to be awed! Dr. Fennessy is renowned as the world’s leading giraffe expert and is a veteran of conservation expeditions across the African continent. Giraffe tagging will be a thrilling highlight, but our wide-ranging journey also brings you game viewing on the savanna and salt pan of UNESCO-listed Etosha National Park, a breathtaking flight over Namibia’s pristine Atlantic Coast above shipwrecks and seal colonies, hikes across the towering dunes of Sossusvlei, and the opportunity to track desert-adapted elephants in remote Damaraland. And to top it off, you’ll enjoy it all with our beloved Trip Leader Jason Nott, one of Namibia’s best known naturalist guides. Join us for an unforgettable adventure in Namibia!

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