Botswana: Okavango Explorer

Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park

Client Comments

Our Botswana safari was beyond expectations. I was amazed by the sheer number of beasties we saw, not to mention how close we were able to get to them. Adam’s ability to track, spot, and identify were nonpareil. Also, his short history talks before the afternoon drives helped put today’s Botswana in perspective. And then there was the c(gl)amping. Adam’s camp crew made it a luxe experience. At 71, I want to have my cake and eat it too, and that’s what I got. I was ‘out there’ in comfort. The tent was spacious and well set up. The hot water bottle at the foot of my bed each night was a nice touch. I loved having a ‘just right’ coffee handed to me seconds after arriving at the fire in the morning. The food was good.
— Michael K., South Pasadena, CA
Everything was fantastic. What great care the team took of us! Nothing went unnoticed, and the team members were skilled and kind and generous and they made us feel welcome.
— Bonnie B., Princeton, NJ
We had a simply amazing experience, exceeding our already lofty expectations. Best travel experience I've ever had. As I sit here writing this, all I want to do is get on a plane back to Maun!
— Andrew P., Belmont, CA
The extended itinerary of the Okavango, combined with the tented camping and wildlife viewing, is what sold us on this trip. The level of camping was as expected, as this was our third tented safari in Africa. The crew does a really excellent job—the extra effort to set up a spike camp deep in the delta was amazing and much appreciated. Having Xugana Lodge in the middle of the trip was just right.
— David N., Albuquerque, NM
The itinerary and pace of the trip was perfect. I saw more wildlife than I have seen on previous trips to Africa. Camp was charming and very comfortable with attentive and helpful staff. Kay, the cook, was amazing!
— Willma E., Seattle, WA
The combination of the venue, the wildlife, Stanley Dube guiding us through the adventure, and the superb support camp staff simply provided a perfect trip.
— Hans L., Plymouth, MN
Trip of a lifetime, with many memories. Our guides added a wonderful perspective of growing up in Africa, tribe life, customs, history.
— Nancy K., Granite Bay, CA
This was the trip of a lifetime. Every day was an unparalleled adventure, expertly arranged and professionally guided. The Okavango Delta is an amazing miracle of water in an otherwise arid landscape—a true miracle of the natural world. We saw so many exquisite birds and hundreds of animals. The lodges and hotel were gorgeous and the mobile tent camping felt like a real safari. We traveled by 4-wheel-drive jeep, boats, and bush airplanes taking off from airstrips that were little more than a strip of grass traversed by impala and elephant. The people, the land, and the animals of Botswana came alive for us and will live in our memories and in our hearts for all our days.
— Eva D., Makawao, HI
How do you improve on perfection?
— Chris L., Daly City, CA
We had a fantastic trip. It was our first trip to Africa and when people ask what we saw in terms of wildlife, we tell them to ask us what we didn't see. The trip was so much more than we imagined.
— Jim and Carol B., Kensington, MD