Botswana: Kalahari Explorer

The Legendary Kalahari, Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park

Client Comments

Wow! I am so glad we decided on the Kalahari Explorer and mobile tent camping. I am NOT a camper, and truthfully, didn't realize exactly what it meant to be in a mobile tent camp. But I can honestly say I am so glad to have had this experience. I feel the richer for it.
— Vicky L., San Rafael, CA
My 3rd trip with WT and I was once again extremely pleased. Needless to say lots of folks will hear about my adventure with WT.
— Susan C., Colorado Springs, CO
Feel I received more than I bargained for. A trip of a lifetime!
— George R., Los Altos, CA
Our Trip Leaders and crew provided all of the adventure and discovery one could hope for while treating us to first-class service and comfort and giving us a sense of absolute safety.
— Ellen B., St. Louise, MO
It was a great trip. The Trip Leader excellent in every way possible. His passion for the animals and the environment added so much to our appreciation.
— Susan M., Keswick, VA