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Clive Roberts

“My biggest passion in life is the mountains,” says Clive Roberts. “Climbing them, traveling through them, working in them, living in them.” Since 1995, Clive has led groups on every continent, and often brings his guitar along on the hikes, for impromptu sing-alongs with guests. He holds Ireland's Mountaineering Instructors Certificate and was the former director of the Irish National Mountain Center. One of his favorite journeys with WT is our Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean trip because of its constantly changing scenery and culture, from the snowy spires of the Chamonix Aiguilles to olive groves set along the Mediterranean. When he is not leading trips, Clive is in the ongoing process of fully renovating his cottage in the Mourne Mountains of County Down, Ireland, using traditional materials wherever possible to preserve the Irish building. He also plays the banjo, but “it's a little heavy to carry around while hiking!”

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Client Testimonials

Clive was an outstanding first-rate, personal safety–oriented trip leader. His teamwork and leadership were always focused on the best outcomes for each individual and the group as a whole. He was flexible and very much the consummate professional in all manners of the trip. I would definitely be honored to do another trip where Clive was the leader.
— Lawrence F., Alexandria, VA
Classic Haute Route
Clive was wonderful to be with. He was calm, reassuring, knowledgeable, funny, kind, and put the group's safety first. We especially loved hearing about his worldwide experience with mountain climbing and listening to his guitar playing.
— Katie W., Denver, CO
Tour du Mont Blanc
What a gem. His knowledge of the area and mountaineering enhanced our experience.
— Laura H., Denver, CO
Classic Haute Route
All-around outstanding leader with a clear handle on the various aspects/complexities of the trip, and with the respect of his fellow guides and guests. Clive's expertise, sound judgment, and friendly demeanor made everyone feel secure and at ease.
— Lisa B., South Dartmouth, MA
Classic Haute Route
Clive exceeded any expectation I may have had for a guide. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. Given his wealth of experience in the mountains, it was a privilege for me to have him as a part of our group.
— Linda T., Polson, MT
Tour du Mont Blanc
Words can not express what a fantastic person Clive is and what a wonderful tour he provided for our group. We consider him a beyond competent guide as well as a new friend!
— Jerri H., Port Saint Joe, FL
Tour du Mont Blanc
A thoroughly charming, capable, considerate, and knowledgeable fellow, perfect for being a trip leader. Would love to be on another trip with him.
— Sagar V., Hermitage, PA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
We cannot imagine a better leader. Clive has a wonderful knowledge of the region, its trails, history, architecture, and wildlife. He is gracious, funny, helpful, encouraging, and really brought our group together. He demonstrates how to be in the moment and enjoy the experience to the fullest.
— Ellen Q., Irvine, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Clive is top-notch and a WT gem. I've been on many hiking group excursions and can honestly say he is by far superior to most guides. Knowledgeable, competent, calm, considered, good-humored, accessible, courteous, trustworthy, and most importantly one feels safe with him. Additionally, his knowledge of the mountains easily surpasses anyone I've hiked with. The trip was an absolute pleasure under his leadership.
— Marisa V., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive made the trip for most of us. He is truly a lovely person...kindhearted and just a wonderful person to the core. I felt 1000% safe with him the entire trip.
— Helen M., Short Hills, NJ
Hiking the Haute Route
From start to finish, Clive was knowledgeable, calm, inclusive, helpful, organized, and brought his lifetime of hiking experience and insight to the trip.
— Trudy M., Belmont, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Clive is an outstanding guide. He has a quiet confidence and attention to detail that earns complete trust. Combine this with his obvious love of nature, gentle sense of humor, and a constant encouragement to enjoy the journey, and it made the week unforgettable. I would be thrilled to travel with him again!
— Megann Y., Fresno, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Clive's cheerful, confident, and competent leadership was a very positive part of the adventure. I appreciate a leader that inspires me with confidence.
— Nancy H., Littleton, CO
Tour du Mont Blanc
Clive was absolutely fantastic. He clearly brought years of mountaineering experience and love of the mountains to the group in a relaxed and inspiring manner.
— Margaret K., San Francisco, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive was a knowledgeable, personable, warm, and friendly leader, very solicitous of everyone.
— Sally A., Woodacre, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive obviously loves the mountains and is extremely knowledgeable and well organized. He did a great job coordinating the multitude of details that made this trip work smoothly.
— Irene R., Steilacoom, WA
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive is the consummate gentleman in every way...bright and interesting, informative, totally aware of people and situations...and obviously a man of the mountains—and the world.
— Christina S., San Francisco, CA
Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean
Clive was a wonderful leader who looked after us really well. It was clear that he absolutely loves hiking and being immersed in nature. I loved that he made it 'all about the journey, not the destination' so took time to point out birds, flowers, trees, local cultural points of interest, etc.
— Robyn F., Epping, Australia
Hiking the Haute Route
Clive was a great leader. Ever present, ever vigilant, and always there with a laugh or helping hand.
— Gail R., San Francisco, CA
Tour du Mont Blanc
Clive’s friendliness and quiet passion for the natural beauty of the area were very appreciated.
— M. Sherman, Fairfax CA
Clive is a treasure—his humble, quietly confident manner, his Irish humor, his attention to guests’ needs, his love of the mountains—it’s all A-plus.
— C. Collins, Sonoma CA