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Killian Buckley

Killian Buckley grew up at the foot of the mountains in the McGillicuddy Reeks, Ireland’s highest range. He spent his youth climbing in these mountains, but it wasn’t until he returned from London, where he worked as a chef in one of the city’s top restaurants, that he felt the call to come back to them. He left the culinary scene and now spends his time between his beloved Ireland, where he is a mountain guide, and the Alps. He is an avid rock and ice climber, mountain runner, and skier, and when his muscles get too sore, he spends his time writing and following the great tradition of storytelling, for which the Irish are renowned. He loves people, and in particular, sharing the beauty and peace of nature with them. Killian says “for me, guiding never feels like work. It’s simply hiking with those who are soon to be friends.”

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Client Testimonials

This is the second Wilderness Travel adventure I've been on with this very special young man. His knowledge, sense of humor, and interaction with all members of the group was another reason this trip was so grand.
— Michael G., Salem, OR
Spirit of Ireland
Killian’s obvious pleasure in sharing his love of the natural world seemed to be magnified by the fact that he was showing us his Ireland. His knowledge of the landscape and history of this beautiful slice of Ireland, coupled with his lifetime of experiences within that landscape and history and his ability to share all of that make him a superb traveling companion. His sense of humor and seemingly innate ability to relate to and care for all of those entrusted to his care regardless of age or infirmity, make him an excellent leader.
— Virginia V., Salem, OR
Spirit of Ireland
Killian has the soul of a poet-philosopher and the bubbling enthusiasm of a young man who has found a joyful spot in the world and wants to share the joy with you. As we hiked with Killian, he was able to transmit not just knowledge about the locale but also the wonder he was experiencing to each of us. His love of the natural world and of words is a powerful combination and he shared his reflections on what we were seeing in a thoughtful and caring way. And, all of the above is wrapped up with a ready smile, quick wit, and delightful laugh.
— Virginia V., Salem, OR
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