New Trips

We’re thrilled to announce our new adventures for 2019! This exciting collection includes first-time exploratories, rugged expeditions, classic destinations, and dream trips inspired by our phenomenal Trip Leaders. We’ll journey to the isolated cliffside monasteries of remote Dolpo, explore stone age villages at Skara Brae, and trek a pilgrim route to Chavín de Huantar, home of the Andes’ “mother culture”!

nehimba lodge water hole elephants
From Botswana to Zimbabwe, plus Victoria Falls
Jul 9-19, 2019
Jul 30-Aug 9, 2019
Aug 22-Sep 1, 2019
Sep 17-27, 2020
Oct 22-Nov 1, 2020
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mountain gorilla with baby uganda africa
Mountain Gorillas, Chimps, Big Game Safari, and Murchison Falls
WT Expedition with Edward Kabagyo or Denis Erabu
Sep 20-Oct 1, 2019
Jun 15-26, 2020
Sep 15-26, 2020
madagascar ring tailed lemur in tree
A Wildlife and Cultural Expedition with Roger Williams
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Apr 4-29, 2020
nepal dolpo village field mountain prayer flags
Trekking in a Legendary Land
Sep 10-28, 2019
Sep 29-Oct 17, 2019
snow leopard winter asia
On the Trail of the Great Cats
Nov 13-28, 2019
Feb 9-24, 2020
Mar 2-17, 2020
Nov 17-Dec 2, 2020
nagaland hornbill festival india traditional ceremony
Manipur, Nagaland, and Kaziranga
Nov 26-Dec 7, 2019
kyrgysztan yurts at tash raba
Alpine Lakes, Eagle Hunters, and Silk Road Heritage
WT Expedition with Hashmat Singh
Sep 3-16, 2019
Sep 19-Oct 2, 2019
Aug 18-31, 2020
Sep 3-16, 2020
azerbaijan baku mosque skyline
Overland from Astrakhan to Baku along the Western Caspian Sea
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Oct 24-Nov 6, 2019
italy cinque terre ligurian sea medieval hilltown
From Medieval Hill Towns to Seaside Villages
Apr 27-May 7, 2019
Sep 7-17, 2019
Sep 28-Oct 8, 2019
Oct 19-29, 2019
Apr 25-May 5, 2020
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czech historic bridge river reflection
Country Walks, Medieval Towns, and Old World Culture
Apr 30-May 9, 2019
Sep 4-13, 2019
Sep 18-27, 2019
Apr 22-May 1, 2020
Jun 10-19, 2020
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alberobello puglia italy trulli house traditional
Heel to Toe across Italy’s Southern Realm
May 7-18, 2019
Jun 4-15, 2019
Oct 1-12, 2019
Apr 21-May 2, 2020
May 5-16, 2020
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grote chauvet france
Bordeaux To Provence
May 14-25, 2019
Jun 11-22, 2019
Sep 10-21, 2019
May 19-30, 2020
Jun 2-13, 2020
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stonehenge salisbury plain wiltshire
Stonehenge, Jurassic Coast, and Island Trails
May 16-27, 2019
Aug 1-12, 2019
Sep 5-16, 2019
Apr 23-May 4, 2020
Jul 30-Aug 10, 2020
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bolton abbey yorkshire england
From the Yorkshire Dales to the Lake District
May 20-30, 2019
Jul 29-Aug 8, 2019
May 18-28, 2020
Jul 27-Aug 6, 2020
basque hikers
Pilgrim Trails, Pintxo Hopping, and stunning Bilbao
May 20-27, 2019
Jun 24-Jul 1, 2019
Sep 16-23, 2019
Oct 7-14, 2019
May 25-Jun 1, 2020
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norway lofoten islands lake
From the Lofoten Islands North to Tromsø
Jun 19-27, 2019
Aug 3-11, 2019
Jun 17-25, 2020
Aug 1-9, 2020
france hiking the french pyrenees hawkins
Glacial Cirques, Mountain Meadows, and the High Peaks of the Pyrenees
Jun 27-Jul 5, 2019
Jul 8-16, 2019
Jul 2-10, 2020
Sep 7-15, 2020
northern iceland waterfall snow covered
Hiking Adventures in the Uncrowded North
Jul 1-8, 2019
Jul 22-29, 2019
Jun 29-Jul 6, 2020
Jul 13-20, 2020
zonza in corsica france
Great Hikes on France's Mediterranean Isle
Sep 19-28, 2019
Jun 18-27, 2020
Sep 17-26, 2020
ireland antrim giants causeway
Hiking and Cultural Discovery from Sligo to Donegal to the Mournes
Sep 29-Oct 8, 2019
May 2-11, 2020
Oct 10-19, 2020
sighisoara romania hiker colorful old europe houses
Hiking Adventures in Eastern Europe
WT Expedition with Denitza Petrova
Jun 16-29, 2019
May 17-30, 2020
Jun 28-Jul 11, 2020
Sep 13-26, 2020
ring of brodgar neolithic stone orkney scotland
Castles, Viking Heritage, and Prehistoric Monuments
WT Expedition with Skye McDonald
Jun 29-Jul 7, 2019
monte santo di lussari tarvisio italy
A hiking and cultural adventure from coast to mountains through the historic Friuli region
WT Expedition with Gianluca Canalicchio
Sep 10-19, 2019
Jun 6-15, 2020
Sep 8-17, 2020
sao miguel azores portugal
Adventures in a Breathtaking Archipelago
WT Expedition with Skye McDonald
Sep 16-25, 2019
Oct 21-30, 2019
May 4-13, 2020
Aug 28-Sep 6, 2020
Sep 14-23, 2020
peru chachapoyas ruins
The Hidden World of Peru’s Ancient Cloud People
WT Expedition with Rob Dover or Julio Porras
Jun 26-Jul 6, 2019
Aug 7-17, 2019
Jun 24-Jul 4, 2020
Aug 12-22, 2020
chavin peru ruins
Trek a Pilgrim Route to the Heart of Andean Civilization
WT Expedition with Kevin Floerke
Aug 11-24, 2019
hacienda cusin ecuador
Explore from the Cloud Forest to an Ice-Draped Volcano
WT Expedition with Rob Noonan
Sep 2-11, 2019
May 21-30, 2020
Sep 2-11, 2020
alaska research vessel small boat
Sea Kayaking, Hiking, and Wildlife Viewing in Southeast Alaska
May 20-27, 2019
May 28-Jun 6, 2019
Jun 8-15, 2019
May 10-19, 2020
May 20-29, 2020
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humpback canada breaching
Kayaking, Lighthouses, and Lobster
WT Expedition with Mike Carpenter
Jul 15-23, 2019
borneo bornean pygmy elephants bathing
Orangutans, Pygmy Elephants and the Kinabatangan River
Sep 27-Oct 7, 2019
Apr 20-30, 2020
Sep 28-Oct 8, 2020
Apr 19-29, 2021
rainbow falls waianiwaniwa kerikeri river waterfall hiker new zealand
Hiking the North island
Nov 9-22, 2019
Feb 1-14, 2020
Nov 21-Dec 4, 2020
Jan 16-29, 2021
Feb 13-26, 2021
tori gate at fushimi inari shrine in kyoto
Kyoto, the Shima Peninsula, and the Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Trails
WT Expedition with Kate Ulberg or Lucy Whitehead
Oct 22-Nov 3, 2019
Oct 24-Nov 5, 2020
indonesia west papua snorkeling whale shark
Whale Sharks and the Spectacular Coral of Papua
WT Expedition with Bob Brunskill
Jul 7-17, 2020
Jul 20-30, 2020
Jul 6-16, 2021
Jul 20-30, 2021
bora bora french polynesia
Eclipse and Cruise Program aboard the Paul Gauguin
featuring Dr. Alex Filippenko, Dr. Rick Fienberg, and Mark Eddowes
Jun 26-Jul 10, 2019
paulgauguin ship sea polynesia
Eclipse and Cruise Program aboard the Paul Gauguin
with Special Guest Jean-Michel Cousteau and Noted Astronomers including Alex Filippenko, PhD
Dec 5-19, 2020
villarrica volcano bariloche argentina
Chile & Argentina Hotel-Based Program
with NASA astronomer Richard Terrile, PhD
Dec 9-15, 2020
Explore the World by Small Ship!
Cruise Collection 2020 brochure

Download our online digital brochure to view on your computer or mobile device, or as a PDF! Or request a printed copy to be sent by mail, or by calling 800-368-2794.

We are delighted to present WT’s new Cruise Collection for 2020. We’ve searched the world to find the best small ships that offer the most intriguing itineraries to unforgettable destinations. From remote islands in the Pacific to dramatic icebergs in the Arctic, some places are best experienced by small ship—and these are the places Wilderness Travel loves to explore. We’ve chosen cruises that give you a unique and comfortable way to travel, with a fascinating range of experiences and cruise styles. Check out the new voyages below, but hurry, many of these journeys are only offered once and they book well in advance—call to reserve your cabin soon!

If you have any questions (or wish to book your spot), call us at 1-800-368-2794 or contact us.