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We time our trips for Patagonia’s ideal hiking weather, which is from late November through early March, when we can enjoy the mildest temperatures and 16 hours of daylight. November (spring) is blessed with wildflowers and March (fall) offers the start of spectacular fall foliage. With its deep southern latitude, you might expect Patagonia’s weather to be more “polar” than it really is. In fact, the austral summer temperatures are relatively moderate. During Patagonia’s summer months (November through March in the Southern Hemisphere), the thermometer rarely drops below 40°F and will usually reach into the high 60s and even low 70s during the day. Nevertheless, the weather is radically changeable. Rain, sleet, and snow can occur at any time—perhaps just a few hours before or after sunny skies and 70°F temperatures.

Of all 9 of our wonderful WT adventures, In Patagonia is one of our most memorable. The combination of outstanding WT staff and a truly magical place (plus the good fortune of great weather) made this trip a ‘life list’ experience for us!
Frank S., Wrightsville Beach, NC
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The enormous, unbroken stretches of ocean to the west and south of the tip of South America leave the Patagonian Andes exposed to strong and persistent winds. Winds circling the globe between latitudes of 40°S and 60°S have little obstruction when they reach the tip of South America. Experiencing these winds is almost inevitable on any Patagonian journey. For most part, you can expect winds of 9 to 13 miles per hour, but they can occasionally gust much higher, quickly “cooling down” an otherwise pleasant day. Prepare for this by wearing layered clothing and always having rain and/or wind protection handy.


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