mongolia golden eagle festival

The Great Gobi Desert and Golden Eagle Festival

This rare journey explores the unique Kazakh culture of the Altai Mountains in Mongolia’s wild west and the epic Gobi Desert in the south.

12 days from: $7595
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mongolia marsh lake horses

Adventuring from Karakorum to the Gobi Desert

Visit the epic Gobi Desert, Flaming Cliffs, and ancient Karakorum, capital of Genghis Khan’s empire, and watch a Naadam, a traditional Mongolian festival.

13 days from: $7295
Trip Level:
moscow russia church transformation evening

From Moscow to Vladivostok aboard the Golden Eagle

Travel by luxury train across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway, visiting Moscow, Lake Baikal, and cross into Mongolia.

15 days from: $16,995
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mongolia traditional clothing musicians yurts

Land of Genghis Khan

Discover the inspiring landscapes of Mongolia, from the legendary Gobi Desert to the vast steppes of the heart of Mongolia, visit thriving Buddhist monasteries, ride horses (and camels!), and experience the hospitality of traditional nomads.

11 days from: $7095
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mongolia lake hovsgol trees yurts

Exploring Mongolia’s “Dark Blue Pearl”

Enjoy nature walks and cultural interactions with traditional nomad families and their herds on this extension to Lake Hovsgol in Mongolia.

5 days from: $2555
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