Mongolia Private Journey

Land of Genghis Khan


Discover the inspiring landscapes of Mongolia, from the legendary Gobi to the high altitude grasslands from which Genghis Khan created the largest land empire ever. In this heart of Mongolia, visit families in their gers, ride horses (and camels!), and experience the traditional hospitality of one of the world’s last nomadic cultures. Add-on options include a session with a shaman in Ulaanbaatar, a cooking class with a local family, or a visit to a tree nursey and organic farm in the Gobi Desert. We also offer an extension to Mongolia’s sacred Lake Hovsgol.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-4
Ulaanbaatar, Hogno Han Mountains, the Cultural Heart of Mongolia

In Ulaanbaatar, visit Gandan Monastery, the most important monastery-temple complex in the country, and the National History Museum, with its displays of Mongolian nomadic life. Head into the high steppe, an amazing vast landscape of open plains and rolling hills sprawled beneath the revered “Great Blue Sky” and dotted everywhere with horses and gers (nomadic dwellings). Below the Hogno Han Mountains, enter a world incredibly different from your own as you visit a nomadic horse-breeding family, experience their warm hospitality, taste airag (fermented mare’s milk), and ride horses with our Mongolian wranglers.

Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Days 1 to 2 (2 nights), Day 10 (1 night)
Mongolian Ger Camps
Days 3 to 4 (2 nights), Hogno Han Mountains, Day 5 (1 night), Kharakhorum, Day 6 (1 night), Hustain Nuruu National Park
Days 5-6
Erdenezuu and Hustain Nuruu National Park

Head through the open grasslands of the Orkhon Valley, the cradle of Mongolian civilization, to Erdenezuu Monastery, the oldest in Mongolia, built in the 16th century when Tibetan Buddhism was introduced to Mongolia. Constructed from the stone ruins of Kharakhorum, the ancient capital of Genghis Khan, it is surrounded by a wall of 108 stupas and is a strong symbol of Buddhism’s resurgence in Mongolia. Head to Hustain Nuruu National Park, home to the only remaining species of wild horse, the takhi, known as Przewalski’s horse, and search for these beautiful horses in their natural habitat.

Mongolian Ger Camps
Day 5 (1 night), Kharakhorum, Day 6 (1 night), Hustain Nuruu National Park
Days 7-11
Gobi Desert and Yol Valley

Visit Ulaanbaatar’s Natural History Museum, showcasing the spectacular fossil finds of the Gobi desert, then head to the Gobi itself. Explore the Flaming Cliffs, where in 1922, Roy Chapman Andrews discovered a nest of perfectly preserved dinosaur eggs, the first ever to be found. Visit local families, ride Bactrian camels, and walk in the Yol Valley, nestled in the mountains of Gurvan Saikhan National Park. If you wish, you can add on a private visit with a shaman in Ulaanbaatar, a cooking class with a local family, and a visit to a tree nursery and organic farm in the Gobi Desert. Return to Ulaanbaatar on Day 10 and depart on Day 11.

Blue Sky Hotel
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Day 7 (1 night)
The Gobi Mirage
Days 8 to 9 (2 nights)
Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Day 10 (1 night)


  • Shaman Visit
  • Private Cooking Class
  • Farm Visit



Visit Mongolian families in their traditional gers
Explore Erdene Zuu and Gandan monasteries
Hike in the vast Hogno Han Mountains
Experience the Gobi and the legendary Flaming Cliffs


Length: 11 days
Cost From: $5495  
Arrive: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Depart: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Lodging: 4 nights hotels, 4 nights ger camps, 2 nights Gobi Mirage
Meals: All meals included except 2 lunches and 1 dinner as indicated in the Detailed Itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Walking, Cultural Adventures
Trip Level:

Overland travel, light day hikes, altitudes between 5,000-7,000 feet