Snorkeling Raja Ampat

Experience the Most Biodiverse Marine Habitat on the Planet

Traditional Indonesian Schooner

Our vessel is a double-masted traditional Indonesian sailboat that offers the unique opportunity to explore the incredibly remote, unique, and mystical Raja Ampat archipelago. The boat was built in Sulawesi in 2000 out of Indonesian hardwoods and is 100 feet long with a 21-foot beam. While not luxurious, she is comfortable, well maintained. There are six double cabins with en suite bathrooms, individually controlled air-conditioning, and electricity 24 hours a day. The boat is very sturdy and stable, whether still or under motor. The boat’s crew of seven is attentive, experienced, and helpful, and many have worked on the boat for years. Note: There are four cabins below deck, and two cabins on the main deck (where the dining room and common areas are located). Please note that the cabins below deck require descending steep stairs/ladders, and that the cabins above deck are much smaller.