One of the Underwater Wonders of Our Planet


Head off the map with us into the Raja Ampat archipelago, the most phenomenal snorkeling destination on the planet, renowned for its pristine reefs and marine biodiversity. We’ve chartered a classic 100-foot Indonesian schooner to get you to the best snorkeling spots in these remote islands in the heart of the Coral Triangle. Shallow reef systems make for idyllic snorkeling, and the underwater universe supports an astonishing diversity of species. The snorkeling is outrageous and the setting is jaw-droppingly beautiful. We’ll also explore the dramatic limestone islands, with their aquamarine lagoons and rare birds. This is the perfect experience of a seldom-visited paradise!

Itinerary at a Glance

Please be aware that this itinerary is designed to be flexible. Although we will visit all the places listed on the itinerary, we rarely follow the schedule as described exactly due to weather, tides, preferences of trip members, and other factors. Come prepared to be flexible!

Days 1-3
Sorong / Penemu Island

Boarding our yacht in Waisai, near Sorong, we head out for a snorkeling adventure in amazing ecosystems, from shallow bays with rare shrimp gobies, octopus, nudibranchs, and “twilight zone” critters, to limestone rock islands covered with tunicates, sponges, and corals. The immaculate offshore reefs support an unbelievable variety of corals, sea turtles, and fish, including wobbegong sharks, and three species of pygmy seahorse. Our first anchorage is in a tranquil aquamarine bay surrounded by limestone cliffs. Each evening back on board, our Trip Leader enriches our journey with presentations on Raja Ampat’s ecosystems and coral reef diversity.

Days 4-6
Wayag Island / Uranie Island

At Wayag, a stunning island of jungle-covered rock outcrops, we snorkel through mangroves and among schools of silvery sardines and juvenile reef fish. On Uranie Island, we visit a spectacular beach-lined bay and hike to the summit for a 360-degree view of conical karst islands. In the evenings, we anchor in a serene setting and watch for manta rays gliding around our boat—a magical experience.

Days 7-12
Waigeo Island / Gam Island

Navigating into Alyui Bay on Waigeo Island, we explore by dinghy in forest-lined inland waterways and snorkel in search of hawksbill turtles feeding on jellies at Gam Island. The drift-snorkeling near Manta Point is fabulous, and we’ll take an island hike to look for the red bird-of-paradise, a species first made known to the Western world by pioneering naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace, who made his famous voyage here in 1860. Depart on Day 12 via Sorong.



Explore one of the most biologically diverse and remote areas on earth
World-class snorkeling above pristine coral reefs, spectacular stargazing at night
Travel aboard a traditional double-masted Indonesian schooner, anchoring in beautiful coves


Length: 12 days
Cost From: $6195  
Arrive: Sorong, Indonesia
Depart: Sorong, Indonesia
Lodging: 11 nights aboard yacht
Meals: All meals included (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Small Boat & Yacht Cruising, Snorkeling, Wildlife & Natural History, Sea Kayaking
Trip Level:

Snorkeling 4-5 hours most days, exploring by dinghy, optional sea kayaking