Towering Icebergs, Thousands of Penguins, and Tales of Shackleton


Experience three epic destinations of the Southern Ocean: the wildlife-rich oasis of the Falkland Islands, breathtaking South Georgia Island, with its tales of Shackleton and massive colonies of king penguins, and the Antarctic Peninsula, a dazzling realm of glaciers, icebergs, and towering peaks rising straight from the sea. On our expedition cruise to this incredible land, adventures by go-anywhere Zodiacs grant you fantastic access to hidden bays full of drifting bergs and shores thronged with chattering penguins and basking elephant seals, while our expert naturalists and historians illuminate the mesmerizing world of the Antarctic.


Days 1-7
Ushuaia / Falkland Islands

From Ushuaia, voyage to the rugged Falklands, where you enjoy encounters with Magellanic penguins, nesting gentoos in their burrows, and dashing rockhopper penguins, with their teeming cliff colonies and devil-may-care surf landings. You’ll also visit Port Stanley, the quaint and very British capital. On Days 6 and 7, head out to sea, watching for whales while crossing the Antarctic Convergence to South Georgia.

Days 8-11
South Georgia Island

Rearing 10,000 feet out of the sea, supremely isolated South Georgia is one of the most spectacular islands in the world—and home to one of the greatest concentrations of Subantarctic wildlife on the planet! Landings include Salisbury Plain, with its thousands of king penguins, and the old Norwegian whaling station of Grytviken, where fabled explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton is buried.

Days 12-20
Scotia Sea / South Shetland Islands / Antarctic Peninsula

Cross the Scotia Sea to the stunning Antarctic Peninsula, a breathtaking realm of ice-covered mountains and incredible wildlife. Visits may include Paulet Island, with its stunning tabular icebergs, Deception Island, a sea-filled volcanic crater the ship enters through the dramatic Neptune’s Bellows, and awe-inspiring Lemaire Channel. You’ll walk amid teeming penguin colonies, visit a research station, explore by Zodiac, and take a bracing dip in the hot springs at Deception Island. Return to Ushuaia and depart on Day 20.



Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia, and the Falklands—all on one great journey!
The epic wildlife experience including South Georgia’s thousands-strong king penguins
Expert Antarctic naturalists and historians enrich your experience


Activity: Wildlife & Natural History, Small Ship Cruising
Trip Level:

19-22 day expedition cruise, nature walks on uneven ground, Zodiac cruising with wet landings, possibility of rough seas and
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