Mena House

Cairo, Egypt

Originally built as a royal hunting lodge for Khedive Ismail, ruler of Egypt from 1863 to 1879, the Mena House was converted into a hotel in the 1880s. It has hosted sultans, pashas, royals, and statesmen during more than a century as one of the world’s grand hotels. People love this place for a compelling reason—it’s literally right across from the pyramids, and we always reserve pyramid-view rooms for you. The Mena House has a historic wing with an opulent Arabesque interior, several modern wings, three restaurants, a lushly landscaped garden, and a huge swimming pool with views of the Great Pyramids. Note: The hotel is a popular venue for large weddings and other events. If weddings are in progress during our stay here, there may be noise from music and social gatherings. If you are sensitive to noise while trying to sleep, it might be wise to bring ear plugs or a white-noise machine.