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Leila Thompson

With a solid repertoire of outdoor skills including rock climbing, river guiding, and mountaineering, Leila Thompson surely lives the life of an adventurer. Since the early 1990s, she has led trips for us in Nepal, India, Tibet, Republic of Georgia, Canada, and Europe, and shows no sign of stopping. “One of the most wonderful things about guiding for me is starting a trip with a group of strangers and finishing with a group of friends,” she says. Through travel, she has fulfilled some of her passions such as environmental stewardship and engaging in the local culture of each place. Leila is also conversant in German, Nepali, and French, and is attempting to learn Italian! When she is not guiding, Leila works as a nurse at the local hospital in Bend, Oregon, where she lives with her husband (and fellow WT guide!) Sean Morrissey, and enjoys cycling, hiking, climbing, skiing, and her latest sports addiction—pickleball.

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Leila's professionalism, energy, and heart were on full display. She held the trip together and made it sparkle.
— Peter W., Berkeley, CA
Alaska's Glacier Bay: Wilderness and Wildlife of the Inside Passage
Our second trip with Leila—she's an amazing leader, calm, collected, tactful, manages group dynamics, and handles all situations with ease. She has so much knowledge about trails and huts in the area, and was able to come up with alternate plans when needed. She even speaks Italian and German well enough to get around and translate for us! Very much appreciated how organized and thoughtful she is. Leila is a gem.
— Sharon C., Newton Center, MA
Ultimate Dolomites
I can’t think of an evaluation area that Leila doesn’t get the highest marks possible. She is that amazing combination of capable, skilled, and experienced yet making you feel like you are on a trip with your best friend. There were several times during this trip when I saw Leila make decisions on the fly that kept the trip moving smoothly and a positive experience for everybody.
— Mary S., Ballwin, MO
Ultimate Dolomites
As a guide, as a person, Leila is truly out of sight, out of this world, one of a kind.
— Leela H., Woodstock, NY
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila's love of people and willingness to share her knowledge is wonderful. She is a gem and has the gift of making people feel special.
— Debra T., Princeton, MN
Glacier Express
Leila is one of the best of the best, period. Her countenance is unbelievable—she adds positive energy at all times. Everybody loves her!
— Rachel A., Bend, OR
Norway's Lofoten Islands
Leila is a wonderfully positive, fun, and exceptionally knowledgeable guide. She was welcomed warmly everywhere we went, which meant that our group was taken care of with lovely attention and care. Her warmth and care translates to exceptional service from proprietors as well as shepherding the group from place to place and keeping things moving with ease and grace.
— Stephanie B., Emeryville, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila is absolutely delightful, caring, and kind. One of the best trip leaders I have ever had—and I have taken many trips!
— Bruce B., Pawtucket, RI
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila seems to thrive on going above and beyond, providing outstanding service and attention to detail.
— Lesly H., Mill Valley, CA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila is a delightful, interesting, and knowledgeable woman. As a leader, she was superb—organized, upbeat, communicated clearly, and generally fun to be with.
— Lori W., Charlottesville, VA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila is a very experienced, compassionate, and gifted leader.
— Randy and Sarah L., Denver, CO
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
A terrific guide and so much fun to be with!
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
Hiking in the Cortina Dolomites
Leila is a fabulous trip leader! She was enthusiastic, warm, genuine, knowledgeable, fun, and truly a joy to be with for the entire trip.
— Elaine H., Verona, WI
Ultimate Dolomites
I have nothing but good things to say about Leila. She is a true star—very fun and personable and always makes you feel at home.
— Steve H., Verona, WI
Ultimate Dolomites
Leila was very knowledgable, capable, a multitasker, camp mother, liason, friend to clients and crew, respectful, tactful, energetic, able to keep us on track and provide options. She took excellent care of us and showed us her love of the country, its people, and the culture. I felt totally safe in her hands!
— Mary G., Oakland, CA
Hidden Kingdom of Mustang
Leila's knowledge of the language and customs was phenomenal and enriched the trip immensely. She's also an exceptionally kind and caring person—and fun, too!
— Tom W., Oakland, CA
Hidden Kingdom of Mustang
Leila is the best in the business! She manages, organizes, provides with ease and humor.
— Linda L., Kenwood, CA
Ultimate Dolomites
Leila was the best...very professional and caring. She went above and beyond to make the trip successful.
— Susan P., Berkeley, CA
Annapurna Adventure
Leila's knowledge of the Khumbu region and her connection with the people there made this trip extraordinary. She is a true professional and the reason I chose this trip!
— Louise S., Phoenix, AZ
Ultimate Everest
Leila is truly the best. She is continually mindful of what hikers want and need to have a fabulous experience—a true professional leader.
— Patricia F., Sandy Hook, CT
Ultimate Dolomites
Leila was the best trip leader I have ever had. Her knowledge of the trekking region and of the people and their history was amazing.
— Ron T., Loveland, CO
Ultimate Everest
Leila did an amazing job on all counts. Her knowledge of the geography, history, and culture really enhanced the trip, and her fun and outgoing nature was a real bonus.
— Darcy M., San Francisco, CA
Ultimate Everest
I can't say enough good things about Leila. Her experience and knowledge of Nepal made a great trip outstanding. She was greeted as a local everywhere we went, providing us with unique insight into the lives of the Nepali people.
— Michael G., Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Ultimate Everest
Leila’s an excellent guide. It’s a bonus that she’s a registered nurse!
— Marcus C., San Francisco
Ultimate Everest
Can’t say enough great things about Leila. She is one of the best guides I’ve had at WT, which is saying a lot since you have so many excellent ones.
— Shana G., Ultimate Everest
Leila is an easygoing leader who makes an effort to keep the group dynamics going well. She handles things effectively and got on great with everyone. Flexible when she needed to be, and let us make choices as a group.
— Susan D., Ultimate Everest
Leila made a point of interacting well with everyone equally. She’s very personable with a great sense of humor.
— Jane B., Classic Swiss Alps
Leila was both fun to be with and an excellent teacher. She did a great job of making us feel comfortable and welcome in the group.
— Linda F. and Gail S.
Hiking the Haute Route
On a scale of 1 to 10, Leila is 20. She excels at everything.
— Madeline F., Berkeley CA
Hiking in the Western Dolomites
Leila tops any leader we've experienced in many years of travel. Her calmness, joy, and patience made the trip remarkable.
— Judy and Jim W., Seattle WA
Trekking in the Caucasus
This was my third trip with Leila—always an amazing leader.
— Maryann M., Los Angeles, CA
Hiking the Haute Route
Leila is a wonderful trip leader. Resilient, able to handle contingencies, and she relates very well to everyone.
— Bob A., Boston MA
Trekking in the Caucasus
Upbeat, fun, knowledgeable. Great awareness of the different needs of everyone.
— Bruce F., Berkeley CA
Hiking in the Western Dolomites
I've traveled twice with Leila before and I think she's great. She brings a personal touch to her trips. I'd go anywhere with her!
— Rosemary W., Indianapolis
Trekking in the Caucasus