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Ron Leidich

Ron Leidich was born in Japan, raised in a Marine Corps family that traveled around the world, and for more than two decades has made his home in Palau. He has a degree in zoology, certification in advanced life saving and rescue, and has been a master scuba diver since 1991. Ron initially became a guide "as an excuse to spend every waking hour in the outdoors and among amazing creatures." After years of leading our trip members through aquatic and terrestrial wilderness adventures, he admits that he enjoys sharing the experience as much as the experience itself. Ron is a passionate conservationist who lobbies tirelessly to ban shark finning. He is also in charge of Palau's crown-of-thorns reduction program, which removes more than 5,000 of these coral-eating beasts every year. Ron also plans to be the first to record all of the bird calls in Palau. He speaks English, Spanish, Palauan, and some Indonesian.

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The setting for the trip is pretty fabulous to begin with, but Ron made it a very rich overall experience with his knowledge, organization, and great people skills. He could not have been better or more generous with his time and knowledge. Kudos!
— James L., Berkeley, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is an amazing guide and excels in his grasp of marine life, birdlife, and botany. I cannot describe how deep and broad his understanding is, and I would do another trip with him in a heartbeat. He is an accomplished master diver and a great source of information in the water. He is also an easy person to spend time with, and great fun as a member of the leadership team.
— Andy G., Scottsdale, AZ
Komodo Snorkeling Expedition
Ron is one of the best trip leaders we've ever experienced. His choreography of each day was brilliant and he filled every moment with fun and fascinating information.
— Tom H., Shoreline, WA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is a superb guide, the best I've ever experienced with WT and other companies. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. No question was left unanswered.
— Rene B., Portland, OR
Komodo Snorkeling Expedition
Ron was amazing. His knowledge as a naturalist and biologist was the best and his passion and excitement was contagious. He made the trip so interesting. Nice to see someone who loved their environment and respected it.
— Shelley W., Sorrento, BC
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
I don't think we could have had a better guide. Ron was able to share his passion for all things Palau—a very unique skill set of zoology and military history that made this trip so special.
— Dean W., Sorrento, BC
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was an exceptional guide in every way. His knowledge and passion for the ocean life, wildlife, and the flora as well as for the WWII sites and history has no bounds. Amazing!
— Gina S., New York, NY
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron, Jake, and team were just great. There is no substitute for passionate and knowledgable guides. Top notch.
— Justin A., Avon, CO
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was the highlight of the trip due to his wonderful sharing of information. His knowledge of Palau, the marine life, the birds, the plants, local culture, and WWII made the trip excellent. It completely exceeded my expectations.
— Debra L., Boulder, CO
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was extraordinary! A brillant and engaging trip leader more than willing to share all he knows.
— Harriet M., Santa Barbara, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron clearly has put his heart and soul into designing and leading outdoor trips in Palau, and his knowledge of plants, birds, marine life, corals, military history, and environmental issues is nothing short of encyclopedic.
— David S., Arlington, VA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was exceptional—he had a wealth of knowledge about the geography, the plant life, all the fish life, birds, and secret places to paddle and snorkel. An extra bonus is his World War II knowledge with an emphasis on the war in the Pacific and battle at Peleliu.
— Gwen H., Seattle, WA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is the best! All leaders of Wilderness Travel trips have been outstanding, a distinguishing factor for WT, but Ron is ‘the best of the best.’
— Victoria O., Boulder, CO
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron's boundless energy and enthusiasm made the trip. His knowledge of the flora, fauna, and geology of Palau was amazing. His WWII lessons were interesting, informative, and easily understood.
— Liz H., Plymouth, MN
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
You have a gem with Ron. He is a MASTER! I feel so blessed he led our trip.
— Diane H., Brandon, SD
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
A walking storehouse of knowledge to be shared at a moment's notice, plus a sense of humor to boot.
— Howard W., Winnipeg, Canada
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
I was beyond impressed with Ron. He is such a dynamic leader—incredibly knowledgeable about plant and sea life, as well as the Palauan culture and government. I was enraptured with all the information he shared with us about World War II.
— Lori K., Boulder, CO
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Cannot say enough about Ron. Extremely knowledgeable and brought a rare insider's view to the trip. I would go anywhere in the world with him as a guide.
— David S., San Jose, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was simply 'off the charts.' Our group declared him a national treasure.
— Judy D., San Jose, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is a great leader, passionate about Palau and engaging. Couldn't be better.
— Shelly A., New Haven, CT
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron was probably the most knowledgeable guide I have ever had. He knew every bird, plant, fish, and WWII fact. He was amazing. He was very conscientious and safety minded....an excellent leader.
— Rita M., Box Elder, SD
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
I could not speak highly enough of Ron's professionalism, knowledge, care, and awareness of his client's needs—a wonderful leader and delightful man with an equally caring team.
— Katriona H., Blackheath NSW,
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is tops. I was extremely impressed with him in every way.
— Anne S., Los Angeles, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Ron is as good as they get. This was my 5th trip with him!
— Bob G., Elizabethtown, PA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Absolutely outstanding trip leader--knew Palau cold, showed a real passion for his adopted country, extremely customer-service oriented. Actions speak louder than words and it's clear that Ron cares deeply about the long-term sustainability of the environment.
— George F., Pleasanton, CA
Palau Snorkeling and Sea Kayaking
Our second trip with Ron. He his by far the best guide we have ever had.
— D. B., Sacramento CA
Ron is totally perfect. After two trips with him, I would go anywhere with him.
— J. M., Norwalk CT
Ron is one of the best Trip Leaders we have ever traveled with.
— J. P.
Ron was amazing! His patience and gentle nature was outstanding, and never have we had such a well informed guide in terms of knowledge of natural history.
— H. Williams, Winnipeg, Canada
Ron has a passion for the environment and Palau and it clearly shows. The trip was well organized and smoothly operated.
— A. M., Estes Park CO
Have never met a Trip Leader with more knowledge, enthusiasm, and capability than Ron. I’ve never had so much fun, and the setting was paradise.
— Toni C., Topanga CA
Palau Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking
Palau is a beautiful, fascinating place with a lot to see and learn, and Ron is a very good teacher.
— Scott M., Seattle WA
Palau Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking
Outstanding job! Ron’s knowledge of marine biology, birds, plants, and history added enormously to our understanding.
— Lou R., San Luis Obispo CA
Palau Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking
Ron sets the standard for all other trip leaders in terms of enthusiasm and knowledge, environmental concern, and concerns for participants. He’s the best!
— Charles H., Oxford OH
Kayaking & Snorkeling in Burma
Ron Leidich has an endless ocean of knowledge, delivered with wit and enthusiasm!
— Circ L., Kelly, WY
This man hit the gene pool lottery—smart, handsome, kind, funny, and respectful and professional. I've never met anyone who knew so much about his or her area of specialty and could impart it in such an interesting way.
— Susan S., Chicago IL
Palau Snorkeling & Sea Kayaking