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Mark Gordon

Originally from the United States, Mark fell in love with Morocco after serving in the country as a Peace Corps volunteer, and lived in Morocco for over 20 years. He is known by so many Moroccans on the street, you would think he had run for mayor in every town we visit! Mark has led numerous expeditions and journeys for us throughout West and North Africa, including our Expedition to Oman, and will occasionally hop up to Spain to lead our trips there. With his wide knowledge and passion for the nature, culture, and history, Mark will share with you his enthusiastic insider’s view of these enchanting places. “Having lived almost half my life in North Africa, I've had a long-standing fascination with the Arabian linguistic and cultural influence,” he says. Mark speaks fluent French and is conversant in Berber and North African Arabic.

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Mark is a such a seasoned, experienced guide and his knowledge and love of Morocco and its people was contagious.
— Eddie K., Philadelphia, PA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is a fantastic guide. His love for Morocco shines through. Travelling with him was an absolute pleasure.
— Amy J., Denver, CO
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark was both engaging and very professional. His knowledge of Morocco and its history was truly remarkable. The background information that he added to all of the site visits made them memorable.
— Gordon W., Berkeley, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark's phenomenal knowledge of the country and people made this trip a real learning experience. Every place we went Mark was received with open arms. He was an excellent problem solver, and we would certainly go on a trip with him again.
— Kathleen I., San Francisco, CA
Morocco: The High Atlas Trek
Mark is a true multicultural treasure and sets a standard that is hard to beat.
— Don A., Denver, CO
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark was absolutely terrific. His knowledge about Morocco and its history and culture was deep, layered, and nuanced, and he shared his knowledge and insight with us with an obvious love for the country and its people as well as a good sense of American humor.
— Nancy B., Washington, DC
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark was a FANTASTIC trip leader. He really made the trip special. Very knowledgeable and professional, with the right mix of humor and patience. Traveling with him through Morocco, a land that he clearly loves, is like traveling with a beloved, long-lost relative.
— Julie C., Morrison, CO
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is an outstanding guide and trip leader! He's set the bar really high for future WT trip leaders!
— Mary Ann K., Alameda, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is an expert trip leader and his love for and knowledge of Morocco shines through everything. His commentary and explanations of Moroccan culture and norms were wonderful. His ability to get along with all kinds of people is outstanding.
— Britta I., Minneapolis, MN
Morocco: The High Atlas Trek
Extremely knowledgable about land, people, history, art. I swear he knew every one we passed or met along the way. It was quite obvious Moroccans adored and respected him.
— Bruce W., Essex, CT
Morocco: The High Atlas Trek
Mark's knowledge and love of Morocco was evident everywhere we went.
— Samuel and Gretchen S., Waban, MA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark was a great leader, full of stories, and knowledge about the area.
— Linda T., Lake Oswego, OR
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Clone Mark and his knowledge. He was one of the best guides we've had as we've traveled the world. He has fun stories and he knows everyone, it seems!
— Kay G., Lincoln, DE
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark was the best trip leader I have seen in over 20 years of organized travel.
— Rich C., Alamo, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark has an incredible knowledge of the country, its peoples and politics, economics and social issues of today (as well as Morocco's complex history). His thoroughness and calm rapport with everyone he dealt with provided our group with a feeling of security at the same time as we experienced many new and different adventures each day.
— Susan L., Cameron Park, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark's rapport with the locals added an extra dimension to this trip. His love for, and knowledge of Morocco added much to our experience.
— Lee N., Surrey, BC
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is the jedi master...a lot of fun to be with and clearly very experienced.
— Rob R., Savannah, GA
Pilgrim's Way
Mark is a terrific ambassador for Morocco. He has so much knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to share.
— Kristi H., Orinda, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
One of the best trip leaders I have ever had! So knowledgeable and funny. An excellent storyteller that really made the history and facts come to life.
— Steve H., Atlanta, GA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is a fabulous trip leader, guide, and host of his adopted, beloved Morocco. He is knowledgable, friendly, helpful, repectful to all, has a great sense of humor, and he really made it the adventure that it was.
— Jan J., Gilford, NH
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark's love and knowledge of his adopted home is obvious and contagious. He is engaging, a wonderful storyteller, and a lot of fun.
— Ellen J., New Orleans, LA
Morocco: The High Atlas Trek
Mark has a remarkable grasp of the country, its culture, its economy, and its language. He made everything easy, interesting, and enjoyable.
— Gene M., Bedford, NY
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is knowledgeable, personable, a good leader, and fun! There is no better introduction to Morocco than with Mark as your host!
— Leah S., Albany, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark's knowledge, listening skills, and care for guests were remarkable. He was attentive, helpful, and patient.
— Elaine A., Carlsbad, CA
Morocco: Camels to Casbahs
Mark is an excellent guide. He freely shared his extensive knowledge of the history, geography, culture, food, language, and so forth. It showed that he loved the country and had learned an incredible amount about it in his 30 years there.
— Diana P., Arlington VA
Mark was an absolute pleasure! He has the attributes of a perfect leader, interested in everyone, knowledgeable, straightforward, fabulous sense of humor, indefatigable. We loved him.
— G. Grossman
I’ve done 20 or more trips with WT and other companies and Mark Gordon is right at the top of the list of Trip Leaders. Affable, knowledgeable, entertaining, a great combo.
— John H., Evergreen CO
The experience was everything I had hoped for. I had complete confidence in Mark Gordon’s ability and judgement. The camping portion was excellent and the crew was top-notch.
— Larry M., Anchorage AK
Camels to Casbahs
Morocco would be fascinating under any circumstances, but Mark made the trip very special.
— Andy and Billie W., Oakland CA
Camels to Casbahs
Because Mark has lived in Morocco for 23 years, he has a deep understanding of the cultures. The trip ran extremely smoothly. My 3rd WT trip and it was great.
— Diane G., Glencoe IL
Camels to Casbahs
Mark Gordon was wonderful. I thought he really made the trip. I can’t imagine doing this trip with another leader.
— Lauren A., Venice, CA
Can’t say enough good things about Mark Gordon. Flexible and inventive, charming, funny, and a great story teller with a deep appreciation of the Moroccan culture. A fantastic Trip Leader and a great trip!
— Cindy B., MD
I can’t imagine a trip to Morocco without Mark Gordon. His knowledge of the country and sensitivity to its culture is extraordinary. He must know everyone in Morocco and they were all happy to see him.
— Virginia W., Danville, CA
Mark Gordon is a great leader. He managed to make it all seem easy, and obviously enjoyed the trip, which made it all the more relaxing and fun for us. Also, as a former teacher, he has an excellent ability to pass on information without it seeming like a lecture.
— Laura B., Seattle WA
Morocco: Camels to Casbah
Mark is a very special person and he made the trip. His ability to explain all aspects of the culture brought Morocco to life. Everywhere we went, from hamlets to cities, Mark was greeted as family by the locals. Furthermore, he was always in a good mood. Don’t let him get away!
— Marcel F., Santa Barbara, CA
Camels to Casbahs