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Ann Curran

Ann Curran was born and raised in Dingle, County Kerry, and grew up surrounded by traditional Gaelic culture. Born into a family with farming, business, and community connections in this colorful market town, Ann enjoyed successful careers in real estate, banking, and guesthouse management. In 1997, she settled on her favorite career to date, one that allows her to share her place with others. It is a gift she is particularly blessed with, and time shared with Ann and her infectious enthusiasm for hiking and wandering in Ireland is an experience that is sure to warm the heart. Ann is widely traveled throughout the world, but Dingle remains her home, where she’s actively engaged in community life, particularly with voluntary environmental and social organizations.

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Client Testimonials

Ann has a special way that is fun, spirited, encouraging, and feisty! Love that she can meet all challenges that come her way. Her love of Ireland and willingness to share that with us was evident every day!
— Denice S., Newbury Park, CA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is a true Irishwoman, she is filled with lots of laughter and compassion. Through her stories you get a real sense of the contemporary Irish people. She shares very tender and loving stories of her family that gives you real insight of the Irish families and how the past centuries’ strengths and plights impacts the current Irish heritage.
— Kim T., San Diego, CA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is Ireland's hidden treasure. Knowledgeable, quietly compenent, considerate, and responsive to all requests. A pleasure to be with.
— Joe G., Austin, TX
Treasures of Ireland's West Coast
Love, love, love Ann! She's the perfect partner for Con and is always making sure there is no detail overlooked or person left out. Wonderful wit, warm personality, and a great guide. The whole package!
— Diane S., Greenville, SC
A Northern Arc Across Ireland
Ann is the perfect Yin to Con's Yang. (Or is it Yang to Con's Yin?) Compassionate and caring, she is a ray of Irish sunshine who kept us laughing with her dry wit and infectious sense of humor. She managed to keep a smile on her face no matter what, and instilled confidence in even the most unsure of hikers. We all counted on her to keep us fed and watered and treated to sweets. She was also the easy-going guide for those of us on the less challenging daily trek and the keeper of order amongst the troops. Ann knows the area well and has made so many friends along the way, (as a resident of Dingle and a seasoned guide) that each stop on our trip we felt surrounded by a sort of extended family. We could all use an Ann in our lives, but ... our loss is the next group's gain!
— Nikki A., Brewster, MA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is a calm, sweet, and compassionate person, a master organizer and planner, and makes it all look easy. She makes you feel like she just can't do enough for you, and went out of her way to make the trip a total success for everyone.
— Davidene H., Oklahoma City, OK
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was excellent in every way. She was kind, knowledgeable, unflappable, and very funny. She made sure everyone was taken care of at all times.
— Carol G., Brooklyn, NY
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was fun to be with and eager to share her knowledge of Kerry and her love of the land and the people in her home town and county. She was always there for us, either behind the scenes or as our leader. It was a pleasure having her as one of our team.
— Kathy C., San Francisco, CA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann's knowledge of and friendship with so many of the people of the area made possible a host of personal interactions and experiences that were completely unexpected. Kudos!
— Mike M., Seattle, WA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann has an engaging personality, full of wit, humor, and charm, and somehow always manages to be available yet never intrusive.
— Darcy G., Hiawassee, GA
Hidden Treasures of Ireland's West Coast
Ann was grand, so attentive to everyone and so helpful, full of a joyful spirit. She was extremely personable and professional and shared many stories of her life in Ireland with a sense of humor and grace.
— Karen R., Hayesville, NC
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was always one step ahead of any problem that might arise and solved it seamlessly. Her bright smile and joyous personality were ever present.
— Ellie Z., Bethesda, MD
Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way
Ann shared great insights, knowledge of her wonderful country, and is a great story teller! Her sense of hospitality could not have been warmer. I already miss her smile and laughter.
— Linda J., White River Junction, VT
Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way
Ann was a delight—fun, very capable, and helpful.
— Brian W., Perth, ON
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is calm, easy-going, gracious, and has a great sense of humor. She was a delight.
— Helen I., Menlo Park, CA
Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way
A strong and wise woman, a compassionate companion, a great storyteller and woman with a grand sense of humor. What a treasure.
— Roy G., Sunriver, OR
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was fabulous with respect to every aspect of the experience. She has a deep knowledge of the Irish history, culture, and landscape, and was great fun and a terrific leader.
— Karen S., Dallas, TX
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was a wonderful co-leader, with a calm demeanor, a happy heart, and the tact needed to make even the sorriest stragglers feel as if they were really Edmund Hillary just having a bad day.
— Alison T., New York, NY
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was a fantastic tour guide and was such a kind and fun loving spirit. Her lighthearted jokes were much appreciated and she was always fun to be around.
— Sharon R., Ellicott City, MD
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is just wonderful. Cheerful, knowledgeable, intensely focused on making our experience great.
— Andy W., Oakland, CA
Ireland: The Wild Atlantic Way
With enormous confidence, kindness, and quiet strength, Ann Curran weaves a magical experience of her beloved home.
— Jane S., Santa Fe, NM
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was a perfect complement to Con, balancing his enthusiasm with a bit of grace, gentleness, and humor. I felt truly befriended and taken care of by her.
— Sara W., Longmont, CO
Spirit of Ireland
Ann Curran was a delight—always there for any questions or assistance and a gracious person to travel with.
— Sally R., Dillsburg, PA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is delightful and especially full of passion for her home territory of Dingle. She adds tremendous spirit and grounding.
— Amy K., St. Louis, MO
Spirit of Ireland
I can't say enough about Ann. Her kindness, sense of humor, knowledge, personal attention to everyone. She's great.
— Ivy W., Essex, CT
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is the yang to Con's loving, teasing, encouraging, and easy going. She lifted us up when we were tired, gave a wink and a smile after one of her many wry remarks, and kept the whole trip humming along with nary a hitch.
— Kathy L., Burlington, CT
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was a pure delight, so warm and gracious, not to mention hilariously funny. We had many great conversations hiking and over dinner and I always appreciated her balanced view of her beloved country.
— Holly R., Conshohocken, PA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is warm, intelligent, calm, malleable, kind, well read, and well spoken. We enjoyed her and her insight thoroughly.
— Emily S., San Mateo, CA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was outstanding—super personal, open, flexible, dedicated, and knowledgeable.
— Maritza C., Bethesda, MD
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is sweet, delightful, knowledgeable, and passionate. She seemed to have boundless energy, and handled everyone's individual needs and requests with enthusiasm. She was particularly warm and welcoming when we visited her hometown of Dingle, where we met many of her friends.
— Jeanne T., Saint Louis, MO
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was fun, super-efficient, and a real joy to be with, especially with her intimate knowledge of the people and region.
— Gary B., Hanover, NH
Spirit of Ireland
Ann is wonderful! Hard working, extremely competent and dedicated, and great fun to travel with.
— Nancy F., New York, NY
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was a delightful addition, always cheerful and willing to help in any way. It was wonderful hearing her stories of growing up in Dingle.
— Midge M., Alameda, CA
Spirit of Ireland
Ann was attentive, charming, and kowledgable and worked extra hard to make sure our trip was perfect in all ways.
— Nancy F., Skokie, IL
Spirit of Ireland
We couldn’t have had a better experience with Ann’s ability and knowledge.
— B. M., Rising Sun MD
Ann was a delightful person. A very caring and knowledgeable person who interacted well with our group. Her love of the Irish land and people was always obvious.
— Toby and Martin K., Rockville C
I cannot praise this young woman enough. She continually went out of her way to make sure each of us was taken care of to the fullest extent. She’s a remarkably selfless being. WT is very fortunate to have her.
— Gayle F., Emerald Isle Adventure
Ann is an excellent leader in all ways. Very accommodating to the special needs of clients.
— Joel W., Emerald Isle Adventure
Ann was always professional, friendly, capable. I believe she knows half the Irish population and appears to be well loved by all. A great guide!
— Pat F., Emerald Isle Adventure
Ann is a delightful person and very passionate about her job and about Ireland. She was able to accommodate everyone's requests.
— Julia K., Bend OD
Emerald Isle
Ann was a great guide. We learned so much about Ireland and we're eager to return.
— Marsha and Mike H.
Lafayette CA, Emerald Isle
Ann helped give the trip many personal touches that made a huge difference.
— Alison H., Brewster NY
Emerald Isle
Ann is a friendly, knowledgeable leader with great skills. She is easy going and a joy to be with.
— Martha S., Jacksonville FL
Emerald Isle