Our award-winning snorkeling adventures take you to the best locations on the planet for marine biodiversity and wildlife encounters. Similar to going on safari, these journeys allow you to observe wild animals in their natural habitat—opening up an entirely new world of serene beauty. Swim with majestic whale sharks in Cenderawasih Bay, watch the underwater dances of sea lions in the Galápagos, and revel in the rainbow-colored coral reefs and schools of fish moving as a unified group in Raja Ampat. Grab your swimsuit and join us!

Featured Snorkeling Adventures

12 days from: $6695
Trip Level:

On this boat-based trip, snorkel in one of the most pristine coral reef systems on Earth, the Raja Ampat archipelago in the heart of Indonesia's Coral Triangle.

10 days from: $6495
Trip Level:

Sea kayaking & snorkeling tour of Palau. Snorkel amid coral reefs and marine life, explore the Rock Islands, Jellyfish Lake, mangrove forests & Peleliu Island!

9 days from: $7395
Trip Level:

Cruise the Eastern or Western islands of the Galapagos by romantic ship with just 16 guests and your own expert naturalist guide

8 days from: $94,000
Trip Level:

Charter a private yacht, and with your naturalist guide, set off into Darwin’s world for an active journey full of nature hikes and wildlife wonders, including fantastic snorkeling with playful sea lions.

11 days from: $6895
Trip Level:

Snorkel with whale sharks and view vibrant fish and coral in the world’s most biodiverse marine environment—the very heart of the “Coral Triangle” in Indonesia.

11 days from: $5850
Trip Level:

Kayak & snorkel in Baja's Sea of Cortez. Watch breaching gray whales & swim with whale sharks. Overnights on a small ship cruise. Download a free itinerary!

14 days from: $6995
Trip Level:

Cruise the brilliant coast of Turkey in a traditional "gulet" yacht. Glories of Rome, Greece, and Lycia along the Aegean coast, day hikes, unrivaled ruins, and cultural visits.

8 days from: TBA
Trip Level:

Experience amazing snorkeling at Turneffe Island on the Belize Barrier Reef, and hiking and Mayan discoveries at beautiful Chaa Creek Lodge in the verdant Maya Mountains.

8 days from: $7295
Trip Level:

Journey to Tonga for unforgettable encounters with humpback whales, along with sea kayaking adventures, snorkeling, and exploring Tonga's Ha'apai Islands.

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This was a great snorkeling experience. We got to see 22 different reefs—lots of variety—and didn't see any other boats for 8 days—truly amazing.
Paula S., Sedro Woolley, WA
I was awestruck by the beauty I saw. I felt for the first time in my life that I had been honored to see the world as it was in its beginning. Certainly a life-changing experience.
Betty-Lynn W., Westport, CT
The most beautiful tropical paradise trip I have ever done. It's absolutely stunning and being out in the natural beauty of the environment with only our group, often alone, was amazing.
Alison J., Santa Barbara, CA
Snorkeling with the whales was spectacular. We also enjoyed getting to know the Tonga locals. The trip was everything we’d hoped for and more.
Pam R., University Place, WA
The trip was outstanding, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It was marvelous to see what Darwin saw.
Bob M., Lafayette, CA

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