A snorkeler and a humpback whale.

Where to Snorkel with Whales or Whale Sharks

Join us as we experience the ocean’s wonders alongside its greatest explorers—magnificent whales. We’ve timed our journeys in five unique destinations to match the migration of whales (and whale sharks!), giving you incredible up-close encounters with these amazing creatures.

Each adventure is different: set out by skiff to interact with whale mothers and their calves in the lagoons of Baja, witness spectacular breaching in Alaska from a boat and kayak, or snorkel alongside these gentle giants in Tonga, feeling the whale song reverberate through the water. For the once-in-a-lifetime experience of swimming with whale sharks, Baja and Cernderawasih Bay are the best locations in the world, and our trips are timed with this epic wildlife encounter. These are among the most unique wildlife experiences on the planet!

A whale near a boat in Alaska.


There aren’t many places in the world where snorkeling with humpback whales is allowed. Currently, you are allowed to swim with them in Tonga, the Dominican Republic, and French Polynesia (specifically Mo’orea). Both Tonga and French Polynesia have a steep reef shelf that whales prefer so you don’t need to travel far offshore to experience up-close encounters. However, Alaska has some of the best whale-watching opportunities in the world, and our small boats (and kayaks) get you close to these beautiful and peaceful animals.

Snorkelers and a whale shark.
A snorkeler and a whale shark.

Whale Sharks

Swimming with whale sharks—the largest fish in the world!—is more common. You can get lucky and see them in lots of places, but in terms of reliability, Baja, Mexico, is arguably the best. Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia, is another place that is much less explored and is also a more unique overall experience. Here whale sharks gather around bagans (fishing platforms) where the local fishermen have encouraged their presence for several decades, believing the sharks bring good luck. This presents a unique opportunity for our groups to snorkel within close proximity.

All of these locations adhere to strict guidelines about swimming with these creatures so both humans and whale sharks are safe.

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