A group of people on a raft by a cruise ship.

Why do a Liveaboard Snorkeling Trip?

This decision typically depends on the area you are visiting, as some places have a reef right off the beach, so you don’t need to travel far to get to your snorkel location. If you only want to visit a specific snorkeling site, a land-based trip will suffice, but keep in mind that many areas, like the sprawling Raja Ampat Archipelago and Galapagos Islands, are so spread out and diverse, that a boat-based trip is the best way to go.

Staying at a resort will only give you a small snapshot of the underwater diversity. Additionally, if you are on a boat, you are often much closer to your snorkel locations each day so you can maximize your time in the water instead of relying on day trips from a resort. See below for some of our favorite liveaboard snorkeling adventures!

A diver snorkeling by a coral reef.

Snorkeling Raja Ampat

Set sail for remote Raja Ampat, a pristine archipelago famous for its astounding variety of marine life. On this trip, we’ll snorkel at Mansuar Island, where barracudas gather, and Eagle Rock, home to graceful manta rays and gentle wobbegong sharks.

A sea turtle swimming alongside fish.

Galápagos Islands

On this small-group yachting adventure, snorkeling excursions get us up close to playful sea lions, graceful turtles, and a myriad of colorful fish. On land, we’ll visit the wild island habitats of endemic species such as the marine iguana and the giant Galápagos tortoise.

Snorkeling with whale sharks Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia

Cenderawasih: Swim with Whale Sharks

Head to the heart of the famed Coral Triangle in Indonesia—the world’s most biodiverse marine environment—to snorkel with whale sharks and view vibrant fish and coral.

Three clown fish in a coral reef.

Wakatobi Islands

With an 8-guest motor yacht as our base, we’ll explore the magnificent Wakatobi Islands, part of the celebrated Coral Triangle. Snorkel above shallow coral gardens, among sea turtles, and along sheer wall faces encrusted with sea fans and anemones.

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