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The best information about a trip always comes from the people who took the journey. Learn what our clients say about our 5-day route, our Trip Leaders, our cuisine and camp amenities, and the cultural experiences that are part of the adventure. We’ve been operating this trip for nearly 40 years and have welcomed 3,500 travelers on it (with an average trip rating of 4.9 out of 5 from our 2016 Inca Trail clients). We are happy to match you with a past client for a referral—just call us!

This was a trip of a lifetime for my husband and me. We were celebrating our 10th anniversary and wanted something special and memorable. This trip surpassed all our dreams. We have both traveled for much of our lives, but never experienced something like this. It was amazing to truly be off the grid, in the middle of nowhere—and in the middle of tremendous beauty. I can’t say enough how much we loved it. Everything was superb—the guides, the camping sites, the organization, the porters, the FOOD (better than any restaurant)! Thank you.
Margot M., Miami Beach, FL
I loved this trip. The fact that we were kept away from the crowds, camped the first and 2nd night at locations far away from others and even the 4th night despite passing by a few groups we had the best view above them. It is evident that there has been a lot of effort in the details to make this unique and unlike the other Inca Trail treks offered by other companies.
Valerie G,. Atlanta, GA
Hiking the Inca Trail the Wilderness way was an amazing experience we will never forget. The views from the hikes and the campsites, especially the last one, were amazing and possibly even more spectacular than that of Machu Picchu, if that is even possible. The food on the trek was outstanding and we all wondered at how such delicious and fancy meals could be made on the trail. The nights spent hiking were quite luxurious from camp standards—between the porters and the dining tent and the toilet tent, it was easy to forget we were supposed to be camping! And of course, the company, from our tour guide Miguel to our fellow travelers, was wonderful as well.
Sharon C., Ellicott City, MD
This was the best trip I have ever been on and made a dream come true in memory of my husband. It was strenuous and difficult but we had a truly spiritual experience, learned a great deal about an amazing civilization, got to know Peru today. It was worth every penny. You don’t know how many people told me to take the train!!! Amazing adventure, a great challenge and a brilliant outcome when we got to the sun gate. I would choose Wilderness for any trip that meant a lot!
Joan G., Portola Valley, CA
I’m sorry I can’t give you more variety in the answers, but everything was outstanding. (I would give the camping food quality an even higher rating if possible because the chef gave us consistently amazing-restaurant-quality food—including a frosted birthday cake!—throughout the five-day trek, made on camp-kitchen equipment. It was incredible.)
Clarence J., National Harbor, MD
WOW! the trip of a lifetime. It was so well planned. WT thought of every little detail to make it a memorable and stress free trip. Little things like the day room at departure made a big difference. Miguel is absolutely amazing. One couldn’t ask for a better guide and leader. He is so organized, calm, warm, fun and knowledgeable. It was a special trip for me, as I was celebrating my 50th bday, and he made sure it was absolutely special and unforgettable. He also went the extra mile at the end of the trip when one of my traveling partners had some trouble at the airport. I cannot possibly say enough positive things about him and the rest of the staff on the trip. WT pulled off what could have been a very challenging and stressful trip and made it the most amazing experience ever.
Christina Q., Red Lodge, MT
This was, by far, the best tour I’ve ever taken. My husband and I generally don’t like tour groups or companies, but knew this was the only way to do the Inca Trail. What an incredible surprise for us. This tour was so expertly organized—we felt like royalty. All of your people took great care of us and went out of their way to make us comfortable. I can’t say enough about the hotels—the Hotel Monestario and the Machu Picchu Sanctuary Lodge were divine. The cooks at the camp sites were amazing! (My husband is a vegetarian and I was worried—but they served him gourmet vegetarian meals.) I was amazed at what great care they take to make sure the food is safe and that we were sanitized before touching anything. Every single detail was thought through so that I never had to worry about a thing. This was a perfect vacation!
Margot M., Miami Beach, FL
Superb trip! Just loved it. The Andes is such a rich area. Natural beauty (mountains, interesting flora and fauna) and such a strong cultural history make for a great trip. And when combined with an excellent leader and support team, the combination is unbeatable.
Russell M., Granger, IN

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