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antarctica south georgia and the falklands ship

Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falkland Islands

Penguin Colonies, Icebergs, and Legends of Shackleton

20 days from: $18,695

Cruise 3 epic destinations: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctica Peninsula. Witness penguins, icebergs, mountains, and spectacular wildlife.

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Journey to the White Continent at the End of the Earth

13 days from: $7900

Visit Antarctica on luxury expedition cruise ships. Search for wildlife like whales and penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.

zodiac antarctica iceberg

Antarctica Air Cruise

Antarctic Adventure By Air and Sea
Aboard the Ocean Nova or Magellan Explorer

8 days from: $11,495

Take a flight to Antarctica, skipping the long crossing days at sea, and embark on a cruise into the fascinating Antarctic Peninsula.

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Active Antarctic Peninsula

The Best Active Voyage in Antarctica
Aboard the Ortelius, Plancius, or Hondius

13 days from: $9900

A thrilling adventure cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula! Kayak in polar waters, snowshoe to the Antarctic foothills, and even spend a night on the ice under the Antarctic sky.

zegrahm cross antarctic peninsula zodiac

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Adventure to Extreme Southern Latitudes
aboard the Sea Spirit, or Seaventure, Greg Mortimer

15 days from: $14,785

7-day cruise on the Antarctic Peninsula through Lemaire Channel and across the legendary Antarctic Circle

weddell sea antarctica emperor penguins chicks

Weddell Sea: In Search of Emperor Penguins

Antarctic Peninsula and Snow Hill Island aboard the Ortelius

11 days from: $12,100

Expedition cruise to Antarctica’s Weddell Sea to see emperor penguins by the thousands on Snow Hill Island.

antarctica south georgia king penguins st andrews bay

South Georgia and the Falklands Expedition

A Land of Legends Aboard the aboard the Magellan Explorer

15 days from: $11,495

Embark on an in-depth wildlife expedition to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia on this 15-day sub-Antarctic cruise.

antarctica south georgia air cruise

Antarctica and South Georgia Air Cruise

Exploring Antarctica and South Georgia Island by Air and Sea Aboard the Magellan Explorer

17 days from: $14,395

Fly to Antarctica, skipping the long crossing days at sea, and embark on a cruise into fascinating Antarctica and South Georgia Island.

Cruise Specialists

Contact our Antarctica Specialists

To prepare you for your trip, our Antarctica specialists are your single point of contact—no sales people or call centers! Our team has traveled to Antarctica and will be able to help you choose the best vessel and itinerary to match the level of activity and comfort that best suits you, as well as helping with any extensions you may be interested in, and even advice on what to pack. You will be in great hands, from the time of your first call to your departure on this adventure of a lifetime!