Ali Ait Ichou

Ali Ait Ichou was born in the heart of Morocco’s High Atlas and spent his childhood  up in the high mountains of Berber country. Coming down to the modern side of  the Moroccan kingdom, he attended high school and university in Marrakesh, majoring in English at the University of Marrakech. Ali began working in tourism when he was 18 years old, serving as a trekking guide in the High Atlas of his Berber homeland during summer holidays from school. He has guided for Wilderness Travel in many parts of Morocco and says “It was always my dream and is still my passion to share everything I have learned about my culture with travelers.” Ali  is an extremely responsible, soft-spoken, and knowledgeable guide and a fun Trip Leader. He lives in Marrakesh and speaks excellent English, French, Berber, and Arabic and is currently learning Spanish.

Upcoming Trips:

Morocco: Camels to Casbahs, September 19-October 3, 2015

Client Testimonials:

Ali was a wonderful guide and person. We can’t say enough good things about his knowledge, personal skills, warmth­-and most of all his patience. He dealt with five different people with different needs, who often asked questions that had already been answered­-and never did he show anything but the utmost care and good will. He is a treasure­-Wilderness Travel should be very proud. Marty and Paul S., Falls Church, VA
Morocco Private Journey
We loved Ali. He was always prompt, informative, helpful, and personable. We really enjoyed spending time with him. Therese O., Berkeley, CA
Morocco Private Journey
Ali went above and beyond to make this trip a success. The breadth of his knowledge is exemplary, and he has such charm and personalty—a treasure that made the trip a once in a lifetime adventure. Martha Ann M., Comer, GA
Morocco Private Journey
Ali is superlative in every way. Unfailingly good natured, patient, and helpful in ways we did not even expect. David D., Vienna, VA