New Trips

We’re thrilled to announce our new adventures for 2018 (and some in 2019)! Our epic collection includes first-time exploratories, rugged expeditions, classic destinations, and dream trips inspired by our phenomenal Trip Leaders. This coming year—our 40th anniversary—will have us searching for the elusive snow leopard in India, trekking the Te Araroa track on the North Island of New Zealand, following the great elephant migration in Botswana and Zimbabwe, and exploring the prehistoric caves and great cuisine of southern France.

A Spectacular Safari in Southern Africa, plus Victoria Falls
WT Expedition with Mark Butcher
Jul 31-Aug 10, 2018
Oct 7-17, 2018
Jul 9-19, 2019
Jul 23-Aug 2, 2019
From Xi’an to Xinjiang
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Apr 21-May 8, 2018
Overland Across the Roof of the World via Kailash, Everest, and Lhasa
WT Expedition with Roger Williams
Sep 1-26, 2018
Hiking India's Abode of the Gods
WT Expedition with Hashmat Singh
Oct 24-Nov 9, 2018
Tribal Cultures of a Hidden Land
WT Expedition with Devendra Basnet
Nov 21-Dec 8, 2018
On the Trail of the Great Cats
WT Expedition with Indrajit Latey
Mar 7-22, 2019
Nov 13-28, 2019
Feb 9-24, 2020
Mar 2-17, 2020
Snowshoeing, Hiking, and Sky Gazing
Feb 17-24, 2018
Mar 10-17, 2018
Nov 10-17, 2018
Feb 16-23, 2019
Mar 9-16, 2019
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Medieval Villages of the Languedoc
May 28-Jun 6, 2018
Sep 17-26, 2018
Stunning Hikes and Cultural Adventures
Jun 6-17, 2018
Sep 5-16, 2018
Hike Epic Alpine Trails of the Val d’Aosta Beneath Italy’s Highest Peaks
Jul 10-21, 2018
Aug 21-Sep 1, 2018
Hiking Adventures in Surreal Landscapes
Jul 5-14, 2019
Hiking Thomas Hardy Country and Spectacular Coastal Trails
WT Expedition with Skye McDonald and Donna Goodman
May 14-26, 2018
Aug 1-13, 2018
From the Yorkshire Dales to the Lake District
WT Expedition with Richard Bell and Karen Bell
Aug 20-29, 2018
Great Hikes on France's Mediterranean Isle
WT Expedition with Tania Masi
Sep 4-15, 2018
From the Dordogne to the Massif Central
WT Expedition with Annie Hawkins
Sep 11-22, 2018
Apr 30-May 11, 2019
Sep 10-21, 2019
Hiking and Cultural Discovery from Sligo to Donegal to the Mournes
WT Expedition with Con Moriarty and Ann Curran
Sep 30-Oct 9, 2018
Apr 22-30, 2019
Heel to Toe across Italy's Enchanting Southern Realm
WT Expedition with Gianluca Canalicchio
Oct 3-14, 2018
May 7-18, 2019
Oct 1-12, 2019
Adventures in Argentina’s Northern Realm
Mar 3-15, 2018
Apr 13-25, 2018
Oct 26-Nov 7, 2018
Spectacular Hikes in Parque Patagonia and Chile’s Undiscovered Aysen Region
Nov 26-Dec 7, 2018
Feb 16-24, 2019
Nov 16-24, 2019
Best Hikes on the North Island’s Te Araroa Trail
WT Expedition with Jon Imhoof
Nov 25-Dec 8, 2018
Feb 23-Mar 8, 2019
Wildlife and Cultural Adventure in a Wintery World
WT Expedition with Kate Ulberg
Feb 3-13, 2019
Exploring Recent Discoveries that have Changed our Understanding of Maya Culture
Dec 28, 2017-Jan 8, 2018
A Symposium and Tour Program with Guest Speakers Kris Tompkins, Rick Ridgeway, Conrad Anker, and Alex Honnold
Nov 26-29, 2018
The New Model Of Community Conservancy - A Symposium & Safari Program
Apr 8-12, 2019
Eclipse and Cruise Program aboard the Paul Gauguin
featuring Dr. Alex Filippenko, Dr. Rick Fienberg, and Mark Eddowes
Jun 26-Jul 10, 2019