Leaping Lemurs, Rare Birds, and Exotic Flora


Madagascar In Depth — The best itinerary, so you can spend time with lemurs, get in some birdwatching, and hike in spectacular landscapes.

Two Days at Berenty Reserve — Excellent for wildlife photography, with six species of lemurs, including “dancing” sifakas and ring-tailed lemurs.

Rare Wildlife Experiences — Our expert local guides know where to find rare birds, chameleons, lemurs, and other endemic species.

Walk through Stunning Landscapes — From lush green rainforests to surreal tsingy limestone pinnacles to the otherworldly spiny forest.

Flexible Hiking and Photo Options — Choose from challenging hikes, leisurely photo walks, early morning birding outings, night walks.

Expert Trip Leaders — Experienced Malagasy naturalists who delight in sharing their perspectives and environmental understanding.


Watch long-limbed sifaka lemurs “dance” down a forest trail in front of you, see playful ring-tailed lemurs, and listen to the hauntingly eerie calls of the indri in treetop canopies. These lemurs, along with many other species, are completely unique to Madagascar. Separated from Africa and the Indian subcontinent millennia ago, this island-nation’s animals and plants evolved in such isolation that literally four out of five of all its species are found nowhere else on the planet!

Wilderness Travel has created a fascinating journey that explores this distinctive island in depth. You’ll hike through the lush rainforest at Amber Mountain and otherworldly landscapes like the Dr. Seussian spiny forest at Berenty Reserve and surreal tsingy pinnacles at Ankarana, see an exotic display of orchids, photograph colorful chameleons up close, and observe fascinating birdlife, such as songbirds that forage in mixed-species flocks.

No place on earth surpasses Madagascar’s combination of unusual species, extreme biodiversity, and unique habitats. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime natural history adventure!

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-3
Antananarivo / Diego Suarez / Ankarana National Park

From Antananarivo ("Tana"), Madagascar’s capital, head to Diego Suarez, and explore Ankarana, a reserve with spectacular landscapes, including the eroded limestone towers known as “tsingy,” and many species of lemurs, including crowned lemurs, endemic to northern Madagascar.

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Days 4-5
Amber Mountain National Park / Antananarivo

At Amber Mountain, a biologically diverse reserve whose montane rainforests offer huge green tree ferns, crystal-clear crater lakes, picturesque waterfalls, and a wealth of wildlife, we walk forested trails in search of more lemurs and a varied flora—1,000 species, a botanist's delight! We fly back to Antananarivo on Day 5.

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Days 6-9
Fort Dauphin / Berenty Reserve / Antananarivo

We fly to Fort Dauphin and drive to Berenty Reserve, home to the unique “spiny desert” habitat. This small private park that preserves a third of Madagascar’s remaining tamarind forest and is a superb place to see friendly ring-tails and superbly acrobatic sifakas, known for their death-defying tree leaps and the sideways hops they use to get around on the ground. We fly back to Antananarivo on Day 9.

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Days 10-13
Andasibe National Park / Lemur Island

We head to Andasibe, famed as the home of the indri, a lemur whose haunting treetop song carries for miles as one troop calls to another. Their Malagasy name is babakoto, or “Father of Man.” These three-foot-tall primates are renowned treetop acrobats. Red-fronted lemurs, grey bamboo lemurs, and woolly lemurs are also found here, along with colorful reptiles including huge Parson’s chameleons. We’ll visit a school, see ring-tailed lemurs on Lemur Island, and go for a night walk. We return to Antananarivo in the afternoon of Day 12 and depart Day 13, or join our Isalo Extension.

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Inspiring journey brings you to the most astonishing wonders of Madagascar
Hike through the Dr. Seussian spiny forest at Berenty and amid the surreal sandstone tsingy of Ankarana
Excellent opportunities to photograph Verreaux’s “dancing” sifaka lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, and red-fronted brown lemurs
Spot crowned lemurs, Sanford’s brown lemurs, and many species of chameleons endemic to the north at Amber Mountain National Park
Choice of hiking options, plus early morning outings for birders and fascinating night walks
Extensions include Isalo National Park in southern Madagascar, South Africa game viewing, Rwanda gorilla tracking, and island hopping in the pristine Seychelles


Length: 14 days
Cost From: $5595  
Arrive: Antananarivo, Madagascar
Depart: Antananarivo, Madagascar
Lodging: 7 nights hotels, 6 nights wildlife lodges
Meals: All meals included except 2 dinners (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Wildlife & Natural History, Walking
Trip Level:

Easy to moderate walking, rugged road travel, cultural exploration
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