Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean

From the Mountains to the Sea along the GR5

Client Comments

This was a great trip—I have zero complaints and would recommend it to any capable hiker.
— Richard S., Branford, CT
This was an ideal vacation for my wife and me: being in the mountains all day, at the peak of wildflower season, with two guides who were both knowledgeable and fun to be with, having a good hotel at night, and great French food in the evenings.
— Guy A., Woodacre, CA
This was a very special trip. The variety of landscape, the length of time to feel like a real group of friends, variety of hotels and food—it was amazing.
— Read P., Castro Valley, CA
This was the best world trip we have experienced in 25 years of travel—a truly great French Alps experience!
— George P., Castro Valley, CA
What a grand adventure! We loved the varied terrain, the hikes, and our fantastic guides.
— Ellen Q., Irvine, CA
This trip was a wonderful blend of beautiful alpine scenery, great outdoor exercise, charming towns, and interesting foods. Each day was a treat, and our guide worked in special stops on the days we had to drive longer distances (like for cappucino in Italy!).
— Inge K., Concord, MA
We traveled to places that we would never have been able to see without the expertise of Wilderness Travel and the guides.
— Penny A., Los Angeles, CA
Another spectacular WT adventure!
— Christina S., San Francisco, CA
Great trip! Excellent leaders and companions, food, scenery, and lodgings. Pretty much what we have come to expect from WT.
— Larry A., Golden, CO
The variety in scenery from day to day was wonderful. There was always something new to see!
— Elizabeth M., Long Beach, NY
A fabulous trip! Everything was terrific, really quite perfect!
— Randie B., San Francisco, CA
I loved everything about the trip and just wish it could have lasted longer. Thank you for making my trip so wonderful.
— Carrie M., Boise, ID
I’ll be doing more of these trips!
— Deborah C., Santa Monica, CA
A trip I would highly recommend!
— Helen F., Clancy, MT
This is the second time I’ve traveled with WT. I’m noting consistent high quality, excellent planning, excellent Trip Leaders, and nice clientele.
— Teddie G., Pocatello, ID
I loved it all. A great hike with extraordinary views, great company, delicious meals, cozy inns, and dramatic scenery changes. To end with a swim in the Mediterranean was perfection!
— Cathy C., Sonoma, CA
A superb trip with superb leaders.
— Laura T., Oakland, CA
This is my second time on this trip! It’s a great hike.
— Neil C., Swampscot, MA

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