Adventures in a Surreal Land

Client Comments

This was an outstanding adventure. I learned so much about Bolivia —its people, history, current events, cities, towns, and fabulous copuntryside.
— Joe L., Baltimore, MD
Fantastic trip not just for the landscapes, scenery, and wildlife, but as a way to learn so much about the history, culture, and practices of Bolivians. I thought the trip was perfectly organized to give us the most information about the country and to see as much as possible in the Andean region and Lake Titicaca. I would not change a thing about the organization of the trip. Every day was wonderful.
— Pamela S., Culver City, CA
We loved Bolivia and and by the end of this trip felt enriched by all we saw and experienced. Little things, like eating the breakfast soup the miners ate, gave us a real feeling for the life of the average Boliviano.
— Paulette N., Fort Collins, CO
This was probably the best-planned and well thought out trip that I have taken with Wilderness travel. Absolutely beyond my expectations.
— Carole M., Versailles, KY
I loved the trip! It was by far my favorite of all of the Wilderness Travel trips I've taken. The topography of Bolivia is beyond comprehension. The lodging was terrific, food was wonderful, and great local guides!
— Joan B., Highlands, NJ
An absolutely perfect itinerary to see the Bolivian Altiplano.
— Amy J., Denver, CO
This trip was a truly wonderful experience! I learned so much and gained a much better understanding of this little-known country—its geography and culture and people. I love the fact that the trip itinerary covered so much of Bolivia's geography—north to south and cities as well as countryside and wild areas.
— Cheryl A., Truckee, CA
A wonderful diverse cultural experience.
— Julia D., San Carlos, CA
An extraordinary trip! We learned so much about the Tiwanaku civilization, the Inca pilgrimage, colonial times, the salt flats, and more modern Bolivia. And, it is an endlessly fascinating place.
— Diane P., Okatie, SC