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Jonny Kaye

From the peaks of the French Alps to Italy’s Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales in England, Jonny Kaye has traveled and traversed countless mountain ranges, guiding groups of intrepid hikers along the way. “I spend every minute of my spare time either climbing, skiing, or walking in the mountains,” he says. Originally from England, he makes his home in the Tarentaise Valley in France and holds a Remote Emergency Care First Aid certificate. When not leading trips, Jonny enjoys time with his family, cycling, and birding, and in winter, runs a ski chalet near his home.

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Client Testimonials

I don't know how well I would have made it through this trip without Jonny. He was professional, patient, encouraging, and gave great advice on personal pace and other hiking tips. He also had a great sense of humor and added a very affable element to the group dynamic.
— Gabrielle C., Grand Rapids, MI
Tour du Mont Blanc
Johnny was absolutely top-notch. An excellent guide and now friend. He made us laugh, told us stories, understood pace, and was a generally lovely person to be around. We loved spending time with him—who wouldn't!?
— Meredith B., Raleigh, NC
Tour du Mont Blanc
Johnny made every hike he led very enjoyable, interesting, and fun!!
— Michael M., Madison, NJ
Classic Haute Route
Jonny is very personable, warm, and friendly. He was so much fun to be around and had great stories and sense of humor. His wealth of experience as a guide, athlete, and foodie was much appreciated and greatly enhanced our experience. He was patient, kind, and always available and cheerful.
— Elyse B., Newburgh, IN
Tour du Mont Blanc
I can't say enough positive about Jonny. Funny, energetic, interesting, helpful, and caring. Very happy that he was one of our guides!
— Kab B., Newburgh, IN
Tour du Mont Blanc
A fantastic leader, very friendly, knowledgeable, and always helpful.
— Mark M., Kirkland, WA
Heart of Switzerland
Jonny was great to talk with on many topics and always ready to help with anything, large or small.
— Mashenka L., Golden, CO
Heart of Switzerland