kayaking and snorkeling in baja

Where Can I Travel Now?

As borders are beginning to slowly re-open to US travelers, we have the rare opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful and iconic destinations around the world that for months have been free of crowds. We understand that every person will have different comfort levels regarding when they are ready to travel again. This is a very personal decision, one not just about safety, but also about whether you will be able to enjoy your experience while you're there. This is meant to be a vacation after all!

For those who are ready to plan their first escape after months sheltered at home, we have listed the places you can travel to now with Wilderness Travel—we are ready when you are.

We are strictly monitoring international regulations and procedures as countries continue to open, and are here to guide you through them as you prepare for the journey ahead. If you have any questions about the trips listed below, our Safety Protocols, or our No Risk Booking Policy, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-368-2794 or Email Us.

costa rica woman among roots
Adventuring in Nature’s Playground
Best Months: Year Round
inca trail peru hikers mountains
Trek to Machu Picchu
Best Months: March to December
peru machu picchu vista
Magical Machu Picchu and the Land of the Incas
Best Months: Year Round
peru inca trail llamas
Trek in the Footsteps of the Incas
Best Months: April to December
peru cordillera blanca valley meadow flowers
Explore the Highest Tropical Mountain Range in the world
Jul 24-Aug 6, 2022
costa rica three toed sloth
A “Naturally” Thrilling Tropical Adventure
Jul 9-16, 2021
Dec 19-26, 2021
Dec 26, 2021-Jan 2, 2022
Jan 7-14, 2022
Feb 4-11, 2022
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peru machu picchu peak morning
The Ultimate Hiking Adventure to a Legendary Lost City
Jun 28-Jul 6, 2021
Jul 2-10, 2021
Aug 27-Sep 4, 2021
Sep 17-25, 2021
Oct 1-9, 2021
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machu picchu andes quecha women
Lodge-Based Trek and the Lost City of the Incas
Multiple weekly departures, March through December.
peru cordillera huayhuash summit
The Highest Tropical Mountain Range in the World
Aug 14-30, 2021
Aug 11-27, 2022
baja boat sea cortez mexico
Whales, Snorkeling, and Sea Kayaking
Dec 11-19, 2021
Dec 22-30, 2021
Jan 3-11, 2022
Jan 11-22, 2022
Jan 22-Feb 1, 2022
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bolivia weaving textile
Adventures in a Surreal Land
Sep 16-29, 2021
Oct 14-27, 2021
Jun 2-15, 2022
Sep 8-21, 2022
Oct 20-Nov 2, 2022
barichara colombia rooftops church view
Colonial Towns, Coffee Farms, and Off-the-beaten-path Hikes
Best Months: June to September
Best Months: December to March
peru inca trail machhu pichu fog ruins
Active Cultural Exploration of Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley
Jul 17-24, 2021
Sep 7-14, 2021
Apr 15-22, 2022
May 20-27, 2022
Jun 22-29, 2022
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man snorkeling with colorful fish
Reefs and Rainforests
Best Months: November to August
hacienda cusin ecuador
Hikes and Cultural Exploration from the Cloud Forest to the High Andes
Best Months: May to January
mexico baja tent camp glamp bed man
Todos Santos, Sierra de La Laguna, and Isla Espíritu Santo
Best Months: October to mid-May
morocco rugs
Imperial Cities, the Great Sahara, and Marrakesh
Best Months: March to May
Best Months: September to November
uganda gorilla
Gorillas, Chimps, and a Big Game Safari
Jul 14-23, 2021
Jan 10-19, 2022
Feb 21-Mar 2, 2022
Jul 14-23, 2022
tanzania giraffes walking
Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti
Best Months: June to October
Best Months: December to March
botswana lion cub sunset
Discover Moremi, Okavango, and Chobe, Visit Victoria Falls
Jul 14-24, 2021
Sep 10-20, 2021
May 10-20, 2022
May 25-Jun 4, 2022
Jun 9-19, 2022
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The Legendary Kalahari, Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park
Apr 11-24, 2022
botswana elephant safari moonrise evening
Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, and Chobe National Park
Jun 23-Jul 6, 2021
Jul 28-Aug 10, 2021
Aug 17-30, 2021
Jun 24-Jul 7, 2022
Jul 27-Aug 9, 2022
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botswana south africa victoria falls malsbury lion swimming
Cape Town, Greater Kruger, Victoria Falls, and Hwange
Sep 19-29, 2021
Jun 18-28, 2022
Jul 9-19, 2022
Sep 10-20, 2022
boat nile river egypt
Sailing to the Temples of the Nile
Nov 3-13, 2021
Dec 8-18, 2021
Feb 2-12, 2022
Mar 23-Apr 2, 2022
Oct 5-15, 2022
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boys stilts ethiopia
Tribes of the Omo Valley and Spectacular Festivals
Sep 12-27, 2021
Jan 4-19, 2022
Jan 5-20, 2022
Sep 12-27, 2022
berber ait ben haddou morocco
Imperial Cities, Atlas Mountains, and the Golden Dunes of the Sahara
Sep 18-Oct 1, 2021
Oct 16-29, 2021
Nov 6-19, 2021
Feb 5-18, 2022
Feb 19-Mar 4, 2022
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jordan petra archeology ruins night
A Journey of Discovery in Egypt and Jordan
Oct 22-Nov 5, 2021
Nov 7-21, 2021
Jan 10-24, 2022
Feb 11-25, 2022
Mar 7-21, 2022
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serengeti wildlife safari migration
Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire National Parks
Jun 13-25, 2021
Jul 5-17, 2021
Jul 25-Aug 6, 2021
Aug 16-28, 2021
Sep 5-17, 2021
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namibia rhinoceros grassland
Etosha, Sossusvlei Dunes, and the Tok Tokkie Trail
Jun 3-16, 2021
Jul 1-14, 2021
Jul 29-Aug 11, 2021
Aug 25-Sep 7, 2021
Aug 31-Sep 13, 2021
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kilimanjaro trek climbers summit
Trek to the Summit of Africa’s Highest peak
Jul 5-15, 2021
Aug 1-11, 2021
Aug 16-26, 2021
Sep 6-16, 2021
Dec 13-23, 2021
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kenya masai mara cheetah and cubs
Safari in Samburu National Reserve and the famed Masai Mara
Best Months: June to October
namibia red dunes dead trees
Sossusvlei Dunes, Damaraland, and Etosha National Park Safari
Best Months: April to November
uganda gorilla portrait
Chimpanzee Tracking, Queen Elizabeth National Park, and the Mountain Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
Best Months: June to September
Best Months: December to February
Traveler wearing Wilderness Travel hat taking photo of elephants in Zimbabwe
A Thrilling Safari and Spectacular Lodges
Jun 19-28, 2021
Jul 16-25, 2021
Oct 2-11, 2021
Jun 4-13, 2022
Jun 18-27, 2022
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mountain gorilla with baby uganda africa
Mountain Gorillas, Chimps, Big Game Safari, and Murchison Falls
Aug 2-13, 2021
Sep 6-17, 2021
Aug 2-13, 2022
Sep 6-17, 2022
namibia botswana zebra antelope giraffe
Dramatic Wildlife, the Caprivi Strip, and Traditional San Tribes
WT Expedition with Timothy Smith
Jun 6-18, 2021
May 24-Jun 5, 2022
Jun 6-18, 2022
Jun 30-Jul 12, 2022
zimbabwe imvelo elephant canoe
Thrilling Game Walks, Abundant Wildlife, Enchanting Lodges
WT Expedition with John Laing
Apr 4-13, 2022
Apr 25-May 4, 2022
village under the atlas mountains in morocco
Mountain Trails of the Middle Atlas and High Atlas, plus Fes and Marrakesh
WT Expedition
Oct 11-21, 2021
Mar 18-28, 2022
Sep 30-Oct 10, 2022
namibia waterhole etosha graffe
Wildlife Encounters from AfriCat to Etosha, Damaraland, Hoanib Valley, and the Legendary Skeleton Coast
Jan 21-Feb 3, 2022
Feb 14-27, 2022
Mar 8-21, 2022
turkey gulet sailing flag happy people
Istanbul, Cappadocia, and the Turquoise Coast
Best Months: May to October
turkey cappadocia ruins
From Roman Ruins to Imperial Istanbul
Best Months: Year Round
motovun village croatia
Hill Towns, Islands, and Culinary Delights
Jun 30-Jul 10, 2021
Sep 8-18, 2021
Sep 29-Oct 9, 2021
May 4-14, 2022
Jun 15-25, 2022
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greece zagoria and mt olympus
The Vikos Gorge, Meteora, and the Abode of Zeus
Oct 3-14, 2021
May 23-Jun 3, 2022
Oct 2-13, 2022
greek isles hiking white buildings
Hidden Trails and Golden Beaches of the Cyclades
Jun 3-15, 2021
Sep 3-15, 2021
Sep 20-Oct 2, 2021
May 16-28, 2022
Jun 2-14, 2022
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seljalandsfoss waterfall iceland
Hiking Adventures in a Surreal Landscape
Jun 19-26, 2021
Jun 27-Jul 4, 2021
Jul 9-16, 2021
Aug 15-22, 2021
Aug 27-Sep 3, 2021
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turkey the turquoise coast boat sunset
Cruise the Turkish Riviera with Hikes to Hidden Ruins and Seaside villages
Jun 2-15, 2021
Aug 24-Sep 6, 2021
Sep 1-14, 2021
Sep 15-28, 2021
Sep 29-Oct 12, 2021
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northern iceland waterfall snow covered
Hiking Adventures in the Uncrowded North
Jun 19-26, 2021
Jul 19-26, 2021
Jun 18-25, 2022
Jul 17-24, 2022
iceland skogarfoss rainbow
Hiking Adventures in a Surreal Landscape
Best Months: June to August
georgia gergeti trinity church valley
Lodge-Based Hiking in the Republic of Georgia
Jun 13-23, 2021
Sep 5-15, 2021
Jun 12-22, 2022
Sep 4-14, 2022
croatia dubrovnik coast
Hiking, Biking, and Optional Sea Kayaking along the Dalmatian Coast
Best Months: April to October
greece athens ruins sunset
Ancient Sites and the Cyclades Islands
Best Months: March to October
iceland hikers northern lights aurora borealis
Snowshoeing, Hiking, and Sky Gazing
Nov 11-18, 2022
crete city lights on the marina
Island Trails and Culinary Traditions
Oct 10-20, 2021
May 4-14, 2022
Oct 9-19, 2022
galapagos south plaza island tourist photographing iguana
Exploring Darwin’s Islands aboard the Passion or the Vision
Best Months: Year Round
ultimate san cristobal island galapagos people kayaking
A Unique Wildlife Experience in Darwin’s island
May 21-Jun 6, 2021
Jun 25-Jul 11, 2021
Jul 2-18, 2021
Jan 14-30, 2022
Feb 11-27, 2022
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galapagos adventure boy with giant tortoise
Exploring the Eastern Islands of the Galápagos
May 21-30, 2021
Jul 2-11, 2021
Nov 19-28, 2021
Jan 14-23, 2022
Feb 11-20, 2022
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enchanted galapagos underwater sea turtle
Wonders of the Western Islands
May 14-23, 2021
May 28-Jun 6, 2021
Jul 9-18, 2021
Nov 12-21, 2021
Jan 21-30, 2022
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alaska boat whale
Whales and Sea Kayaking in a Glacier-Carved World
May 16-23, 2021
May 25-Jun 1, 2021
Jun 3-10, 2021
Jul 4-11, 2021
Jul 13-20, 2021
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alaska sitka boat bear sighting
By Historic Vessel, with Kayaking, Hiking, and Cultural Encounters
Jun 3-10, 2021
Jun 12-19, 2021
Jun 21-28, 2021
Jun 30-Jul 7, 2021
Jul 20-27, 2021
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hikers journey southwest grand canyon national park
On the Trails of the Grand Canyon, Bryce, Escalante, and Zion
alaska research vessel small boat
Sea Kayaking, Hiking, and Wildlife Viewing in Southeast Alaska
Jun 12-21, 2021
Jun 23-Jul 2, 2021
Jul 9-18, 2021
May 12-21, 2022
May 23-Jun 1, 2022
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san juan islands usa kayak sunset
Wild Coastlines, Whales, and Pristine Wilderness aboard the Catalyst
Sep 13-18, 2021
Sep 19-24, 2021
Sep 15-20, 2022
Sep 22-27, 2022
yellowstone grand tetons bison herd peaks
On the Trail of Grey Wolves, Bison, and Grizzly Bears
Best Months: June to October
oregon shore cannon beach coast
From Seascapes and Wine Country to Glacier-Clad Mountains
Best Months: April to October
oregon mt hood barn farm
Wine Country to Glacier-Clad Mountains
Best Months: April to November
yellostone national park winter
Wolf Tracking, Wildlife Viewing, and Snowshoeing in a Snowy Wonderland
Best Months: Mid-December to March
usa southwest desert hiker arches
Hike in Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Arches, and Canyonlands, and Raft the Colorado River
Best Months: April to October
usa utah zion hiker the narrows
Experience the Epic Grandeur of the Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce, Raft the Colorado River
Best Months: April to October
glacier national park lake peak couple
Hiking Adventures in Montana's Majestic Rockies
Best Months: Mid-June to September
grey wolves yellowstone national park
Grey Wolves, Magnificent Mountains, and Geothermal Wonders
WT Expedition with Paul Brown and Melissa Scott
Sep 27-Oct 3, 2021
cave temple complex dambulla
An Insider's Journey into the Island of Serendipity
Feb 15-27, 2022
sri lanka temple photographer
A Cultural and Wildlife Adventure
Best Months: Mid-December to March