Antarctica is like nowhere else on the planet—to experience its ethereal splendor is a rare privilege to savor for a lifetime. This magnificent, uninhabited continent is hypnotically beautiful, where glacier-clad mountains soar above a cobalt sea, towering blue-white icebergs float by majestically, and phenomenal wildlife abounds. The nutrient-rich waters here support humpback whales and orcas, countless seabirds including wandering Albatross, with their 11-foot wingspans, seals, and huge colonies of penguins. A voyage to the great Southern Ocean, with the Antarctic Peninsula, magnificent South Georgia Island, renowned for its colonies of king penguins that number 100,000-strong and its epic history of Shackleton, and the wildlife-rich oasis of the Falkland Islands, is one of the most memorable adventures one can have on our planet, an experience of places like no other on Earth.

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Our Antarctica specialists are your single point of contact and will be happy to answer any questions about our trips! You’ll be in good hands, from the time of your first call to your departure on this adventure of a lifetime.

Our Most Popular Journeys in Antarctica

13 days from: $7900

Visit Antarctica on luxury expedition cruise ships. Search for wildlife like whales and penguins on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.

20 days from: $18,695

Cruise 3 epic destinations: Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctica Peninsula. Witness penguins, icebergs, mountains, and spectacular wildlife.

13 days from: $9900

A thrilling adventure cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula! Kayak in polar waters, snowshoe to the Antarctic foothills, and even spend a night on the ice under the Antarctic sky.

8 days from: $11,495

Take a flight to Antarctica, skipping the long crossing days at sea, and embark on a cruise into the fascinating Antarctic Peninsula.

15 days from: $14,785

7-day cruise on the Antarctic Peninsula through Lemaire Channel and across the legendary Antarctic Circle

11 days from: $12,100

Expedition cruise to Antarctica’s Weddell Sea to see emperor penguins by the thousands on Snow Hill Island.

10 days from: $19,995

Take a flight to Antarctica, skipping the long crossing days at sea, and embark on a cruise into the fascinating Antarctic Peninsula.

15 days from: $11,495

Embark on an in-depth wildlife expedition to the Falkland Islands and South Georgia on this 15-day sub-Antarctic cruise.

17 days from: $14,395

Fly to Antarctica, skipping the long crossing days at sea, and embark on a cruise into fascinating Antarctica and South Georgia Island.

Why Travel to Antarctica With Wilderness Travel?

Enjoy the Absolute Best of Antarctica

Wilderness Travel has over 30 years of experience in Antarctica. We know this continent intimately and have carefully selected the best designed itineraries—true to our active, expert-led style of travel, and the most comfortable and well-run expedition vessels, allowing you to voyage through the waters of the Southern Ocean in the ultimate combination of adventure, style, and safety. You’ll be traveling under the care of the finest expedition cruise companies, and while these voyages are not directly operated by Wilderness Travel (as our small-group land programs are), the trips are eligible for, and count toward, our frequent traveler Toucan Club discounts.

The Wonderful Advantage of Small Expedition Ships

The relatively small size of these vessels (just 65 to 123 passengers!) translates to superb maneuverability, with the ability to venture close to shorelines and into secluded coves that larger ships just can’t enter. The ships we have chosen allow you more time on shore to explore, since all passengers can go ashore simultaneously (regulations in Antarctica limit the number of passengers who can be ashore at one time, forcing travelers on larger ships to wait in shifts to explore). Small ships also provide a far more personal experience—you will get to know other guests at meals that are able to accommodate everyone at one seating (no waiting for meals) and you will have quality time with the team of expert naturalists, scientists, and Antarctic historians who are on board.

Stellar Teams of Onboard Expert Lecturers

Each of our expedition ships offer a fleet of go-anywhere Zodiacs for exciting shore visits and an expert team of world-class naturalist guides who will accompany you on the twice-a-day shore landings. These are possible on most days when not we’re not “at sea,” conditions permitting. The team of experts also provide you with a series of fascinating presentations on their fields of expertise, from marine biology, ornithology, and environmental science to tales of the incredible historic expeditions undertaken by Antarctic explorers.

Expedition Ships that Meet Rigorous Safety & Environmental Standards

Traveling into the ice-realm of Antarctica is a true expedition and requires a vessel that has been expressly built for expedition cruising. All of the ships we have chosen feature ice-strengthened hulls with the proper safety rating for Antarctica’s waters, advanced stabilization systems, and state-of-the-art navigation and communication equipment. We have selected only the vessels that fully adhere to the strict IAATO Antarctic Visitor Guidelines established to protect the delicate and pristine environment of this fascinating, yet fragile, continent.

Comfort and Personal Service

The trips we offer are aboard the world’s finest expedition ships. The majority of the ships are all-suite, luxury expedition ships with state-of-the-art amenities and delightful touches of elegance. They feature ocean-view staterooms with en suite bathrooms throughout, an abundance of public space for relaxing and enjoying lectures or presentations, including well-stocked libraries, comfortable lounges, a theater/lecture room, and elegant dining salon.

Cruise Specialists

Contact our Antarctica Specialists

To prepare you for your trip, our Antarctica specialists are your single point of contact—no sales people or call centers! Our team has traveled to Antarctica and will be able to help you choose the best vessel and itinerary to match the level of activity and comfort that best suits you, as well as helping with any extensions you may be interested in, and even advice on what to pack. You will be in great hands, from the time of your first call to your departure on this adventure of a lifetime!