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Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a great destination to visit all year round. Each season in Zimbabwe has something unique to offer with year-round game-viewing possibilities, a diverse range of wildlife, and a small fraction of the crowds that other parks in Africa see.

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Dry Season: May to Early-November

For peak wildlife viewing, Zimbabwe’s dry season from May to early November is often described as the best time to go. As the ground water from the green season dissipate, the land dries up offering fewer water sources. This results in spectacular game-viewing as giraffe, elephant, zebra, buffalo, able, and other wildlife congregate in large numbers around the watering holes. Our look-up blinds are strategically placed next to waterholes that are frequented by large herds of elephants and other wildlife offering toenail and snout level photography opportunities. The dry season also brings a dustier landscape with less grass and foliage – better for unobstructed wildlife viewing.

The temperatures during this season are warm and pleasant during the day, with cooler mornings and evenings. May through August tends to be a bit cooler (night temperatures can drop into the low 40s). In September and October the temperatures rise. These are also the driest months are considered the best time to see large elephant herds as they migrate in search of water sources. In mid-late November, the rains begin, signaling the start of the green season.

Trips Departing in Dry Season

Two giraffes with necks intertwined by green trees.
Group of travelers using binoculars from open-air jeep on safari in Zimbabwe.

Green Season: Late-November to April

The green season is late November to April. The rainfall levels are highest between December to February, so we do not recommend traveling during these months. However, the shoulder months of November, March, and April are a beautiful time to visit Zimbabwe—and a great time to take advantage of lower-season discounts!

During this time, the landscape is lush and green, birds are in full migration, baby animals spring into life, and the clouds create a dramatic sky, great for photography opportunities. Victoria Falls is at its fullest at the end of the rainy season in April and May, but the falls are spectacular any time of year.

Trips Departing in Green Season

Two lions in the wild in Zimbabwe.

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