Travelers lounge among a dozen white canvas tents set up in Morocco’s Sahara Desert with colorful carpets and futons.


Exclusive Luxury Camp in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Wilderness Travel’s Exclusive Luxury Desert Camp

The Wilderness Travel experience that sets your journey apart is our private luxury camp in the Sahara. Spacious tents are hung with richly-hued Moroccan fabrics, and there’s a comfortable outdoor sitting area where we can watch the sunset and stargaze beneath a spectacular nighttime sky. Far from the noise and crowds of other camps, we’ll feel as if we have the desert all to ourselves.

Smiling host in blue robe and turban stands in front of a table laden with fruits and pasteries in the Sahara Desert.
Well lighted walk-in tent with double bed and a floor covered with red Moroccan carpets.
Large, walk-in tents and Moroccan carpets in a luxury Sahara Desert camp.


The Sahara camel trek/camping was definitely the highlight! Waking at sunrise on the dunes was absolutely beautiful.


Everything was first rate. The desert camp was simply gorgeous and outstanding in comfort and service.

Desert Luxury–Camp in Comfort

Our exclusive camp will immerse you in the Sahara in absolute comfort: mouthwatering meals arrive with white-tablecloth service, and walk-in tents feature real beds covered by cozy, handwoven hill tribe textiles. Each tent has a washstand with a copper-plated sink, and the tent floors are layered with an exuberant mosaic of Berber carpets. For environmental reasons in the delicate desert ecosystem, every two tents share a spacious bathroom and solar shower tent. This is Sahara Desert camping, WT style!

Eight travelers prepare to dine in an exotic Moroccan tent in the Sahara Desert.
Smiling host in a white robe and blue turban offers refreshing beverages with Sahara Desert dunes in the background.
Cameleer in blue robe and bright orange turban leads guest on a camel with luxury Sahara Desert camp in the background.

Trek the Desert On Your Own Camel

Feel like a caravansary traveler of yore as we journey through the breathtaking beauty of the Moroccan Sahara, with its ochre dunes, cobalt sky, and jagged volcanic peaks. We have the flexibility to explore by camel, on foot, or in 4WD vehicles as we step back in time and lose ourselves in the mystical desert.

Four white-robed musicians talk with traveler in front of large white tents at luxury Sahara Desert camp.

Welcoming Camp Staff

Our top-notch camp staff are personable and professional, and will make your stay unforgettable. They’ll teach you to play ronda, Morocco’s most popular card game, and you can savor aromatic spices as you participate in a tagine cooking demonstration with the head chef. Then enjoy a magical Gnaouan musical performance—drumming and dancing are encouraged! The cultural connections and fun you’ll have with these folks are a highlight of the trip.

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