Patagonian Peaks and Glaciers


The mountain majesty of Patagonia is a hiker’s dream, with sheer granite peaks soaring to the sky above tumbling blue-white glaciers and gleaming turquoise lakes. On this Private Journey, explore the lively city of Buenos Aires, with its charming Old World architecture and tango halls, then head to Glacier National Park, a World Heritage Site that protects some of the most impressive mountain scenery on the planet. Here the shark fin of the Fitzroy Massif (11,703') and its surrounding satellites rise at spectacular angles from the golden pampas, sculpted from solid granite into fantastic spires and towers by the tremendous force of glaciers. Some of the largest and most accessible glaciers in the world are also here, including the mighty Moreno, with its 10-story-high ice wall calving icebergs into the cobalt waters of Lago Argentino. The wild beauty of Patagonia is unmatched anywhere on earth and it is truly a paradise for hikers and mountain lovers.

Itinerary at a Glance

Day 1
Stylish Buenos Aires

Explore the delights of this welcoming city on a private guided visit.

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Days 2-5
Mt. Fitzroy and Cerro Torre

Los Glaciares National Park is a spectacular realm of phenomenal granite spires, opaque blue lakes, subantarctic forests, and 47 major glaciers, all crowned by the great shark fin of Mt. Fitzroy (11,703’). On exhilarating day hikes, revel in stunning up-close views of Fitzroy, needle-like Cerro Torre (10,280’), and dozens of other breathtaking peaks. On one day, you'll have the chance to hike on the lateral moraine of the Viedma Glacier.

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Days 6-9
Perito Moreno Glacier and Lago Argentino

From a lovely country lodge near Calafate, walk on a boardwalk with views of the 10-story-high headwall of the famous Moreno Glacier (watching from a safe distance!) as massive icebergs crash into the deep blue of Lago Argentino. As you hike a path atop the glacier, this creaking, groaning river of ice offers some of the most amazing sights and sounds in South America. You'll also take a day trip to a traditional estancia, where you'll enjoy a hike to high viewpoints that reveal the vast scale of Patagonia’s mountains and glaciers. Depart on Day 9.

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Hike to the base of the towering monolith of Mt. Fitzroy, the jewel of Patagonia
Explore the fantastic Perito Moreno Glacier, with its spectacular calving icebergs
Buenos Aires' artist districts, sidewalk cafes, fine wines, and tango culture


Length: 9 days
Cost From: $4795  
Arrive: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Depart: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lodging: 8 nights in comfortable hotels and estancias
Meals: All meals included except 2 lunches and 1 dinner
Activity: Hiking / Trekking, Cultural Adventures
Trip Level:

Easy to strenuous day hikes (your choice)