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Ice Cap Hike, Viking Fjords Cruise, Icebergs, and Musk Ox Safari

Explore Greenland's spectacular glacier and fjord landscapes on foot and by boat, from Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat.

8 days from: $5895
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iceland westfjords landscape

Hiking Adventures in Surreal Landscapes

Hike northwestern Iceland's stunning Westfjords region, with its sheer mountains, and the magnificent fjords of remote eastern Greenland.

10 days from: $8095
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Canda and Greenland aboard the Ocean Adventurer

Explore the Western Arctic on this small-ship expedition cruise through Canada and Greenland; visit rich marine habitats, beautiful bays and inlets, and discover the history and cultures of the Arctic.

20 days from: $11,995
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Scotland, British Isles, and Iceland aboard the Silver Cloud

Cruise from Dublin and the British Isles to the Faroe Islands and Iceland with stops at World Heritage Sites, visits to monasteries, and walks along volcanic shores.

13 days from: $9000
Trip Level:
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Greenland's southern coasts aboard the Ocean Adventurer

Join us on a cruise around Southern Greenland's coast; visit Inuit settlements, explore arctic wildlife, and see icebergs, glaciers, fjords, and more.

15 days from: $8495
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An Arctic Voyage in Search of the Aurora Borealis aboard the Ocean Nova

On this voyage to Greenland, you'll experience one of the last unspoiled wilderness areas on Earth, home to iceberg-choked fjords, towering mountains of rock and snow, valleys rich in iconic wildlife, and the world’s most colorful sky.

10 days from: $6695
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Epic High Arctic aboard the Ocean Adventurer

Navigate the same waters and visit the same sites as early explorer Sir John Franklin on this epic expedition cruise of the Northwest Passage that connects the Canadian Arctic and Greenland.

17 days from: $18,495
Trip Level:
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An Arctic Voyage aboard the Ocean Adventurer

Cruise through the heart of the Northwest Passage and experience the islands, waterways, and wilds with stops to Beechey Island on this 20 day small ship adventure.

17 days from: $9695
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Iceland to Canada aboard Le Champlain

On this small-ship expedition cruise, trace an arc from Iceland to Greenland and across to Newfoundland and Quebec, enjoying a bounty of wildlife and historic sites.

17 days from: $14,980
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Spitsbergen, Greenland, and Iceland aboard the Ocean Adventurer

A thrilling journey across the Arctic to the land of Vikings, fjords, and magnificent landscapes. Explore Greenland, Iceland, and Spitsbergen.

13 days from: $12,295
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