An Extraordinary Cultural Journey to Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia

Client Comments

An incredible variety of activities was packed into the trip, yet we never felt rushed. It would be impossible to do what we did in the same period of time without the expertise of WT guides.
— Kay M., Cle Elum, WA
What an excellent adventure! Besides the delicious food and superb hotels, our lead guide was outstanding. His historical, cultural, and anecdotal knowledge is wonderful. The local guides in each country added to our understanding of the individual country.
— Sharon S., Presque Isle, WI
Excellence is what I've come to expect from Wilderness Travel, and this trip was all that and more. David Henley, Chan, Long, and Khet were quite simply the best—incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. The places we visited took my breath away. There were numerous cruises to take us to more remote sites. And I particularly loved the personal touches of visiting villages and schools. What a joy to have Khmer children serenade us with ‘If You Miss the Train I'm On.’ This is a trip I may need to take a second time!
— Jeannee S., Milwaukee, WI
I don't think I have ever been so comfortable in my surroundings, or treated so well on any trip.
— Gerry F., Windsor, CA
This trip was one of the highlights of my life—jam packed with wonderful sights and experiences.
— Carol M., Bronxville, NY
The trip was part Indiana Jones, part Anthony Bourdain, and another part adventure in a land of amazing beauty and culture. The trip itinerary, coupled with David and the three assistant guides, provided a nice immersion into the culture of each country. It wasn’t just about seeing touristy things but being able to visit the villages and schools provided so much depth to the trip.
— Tom N., Pittsburgh, PA
This trip was a fantastic experience in which everyone could participate and find those moments of discovery, challenge, and reflection.
— Deborah B., Los Gatos, CA
Well planned and well executed, this met all my expectations (and the bar is high because I've so much enjoyed every trip I have taken with WT!).
— Lucia C., Santa Fe, NM
It was a phenomenal journey, with plenty of variety, historical significance, and exposure to local life. Having grown up during the Vietnam war era, it was an emotional journey as well. It was wonderful to see how these countries are now thriving after experiencing such horror and tragedy. We really felt that we got exposure to how people currently live in addition to learning about their history. Thank you, Wilderness Travel, for creating this wonderful experience and itinerary!
— Jan K., La Jolla, CA
What a fabulous trip!! We saw and did so much—it is going to take me a while to absorb and process it all. Loved every minute of it!
— Patricia B., Laredo, TX
It was the BEST trip my husband and I have ever taken! WT will be the only way we will travel from here on out.
— Terry H., Kalispell, MT
We had a fantastic time on this of the best ever! The itinerary was perfect—great places with so much to see and do and just the right amount of time in each.
— David and Linda G., Wilton, CT
This was the perfect getaway. The Trip Leader was the perfect host, and the individual country leaders were also great.
— Anna B., Mt. Kisco, NY
Sharing Indochine with Andrew was a gift. His extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience in the area made it all come alive. It was a magnificent adventure that taught me so much about the cultures and history, far more than I could have imagined.
— Jane S., Santa Fe, NM
We had many wonderful experiences during this trip! Each country had its own special events that helped us better understand its people and the ways they live. As we learned more, we developed increasing respect, knowing about the glories of their pasts and their visions for the future.
— Linda L., San Antonio, TX
Experiencing different cultures; viewing beautiful scenery within the cities and in rural areas; learning Indochine's incredible contemporary and ancient histories; and meeting its beautiful people made this trip extraordinary. Every day brought unique experiences. My world view has been profoundly changed by the experience.
— Marjo K., Bend, OR
This was a very memorable experience. The logistics were absolutely seamless and we learned a great deal.
— Alan W., Bedford, MA
The trip was wonderful. I am impressed not only with the itinerary, hotels, and food, but also with how smoothly the trip runs.
— Robert B., Berkeley, CA
Everything was great about this trip from start to finish.
— Tish P., Ashland, OR
A great way to see three countries in 2.5 weeks. Very enjoyable and educational.
— Joseph L., Acampo, CA
Our Trip Leader was outstanding. His extensive knowledge, charm, patience, and delightful sense of humor made for a memorable trip.
— Anne W., Riverside, CT
This was an adventure that my husband and I will long remember. Thanks to WT for yet another outstanding trip. You really know how to run a good trip.
— Essie H., Santa Monica, CA
We were taught so much beyond the usual viewpoint given to a tourist that I felt I had a much deeper understanding of the culture and history than I would have if traveling with a different company.
— Charlene H., Palm Springs CA
This was my second time on this trip, and I found it as enchanting as the first time.
— Judith M., Albuquerque NM

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