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Climb Kilimanjaro!

Trek to the Summit of Africa’s Highest Peak

Client Comments

Wilderness Travel's route up Kilimanjaro was far better, more interesting than the major highways used by most trekkers. We were the only group at many campsites and felt like we were the only people on that magnificent mountain.
— Trenholm W., Charleston, SC
Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of my life goals, and I am so glad to have done it with Wilderness Travel. The trip was amazing, extremely well thought out from start to finish. The team anticipated our needs and did everything within their power to ensure that we had a fantastic experience. Their knowledge and assistance enabled us to get to the top and to feel good doing it! And the food...holy moly! I ate the best pizza I have ever had in my entire life on the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro. How many people can say that?!
— Nicole C., San Francisco, CA
Another incredible WT trip!! 5-star cuisine all the way to the top. Porters and all staff went out of their way to pamper us and rally us to the top. The whole trip was impressive.
— Laurie E., Loomis, CA
An epic, life-changing trip for all 7 of us. Will sing your praises to any and all people that want to take on this challenge. As far as I am concerned, your plan is the only way to do the trip!
— Randy S., San Clemente, CA
Although standing atop Kilimanjaro was arguably the motivation and goal for this trip, the ascent to the summit up the snow slope out of Crater Camp was an incredible experience for me. The beautiful weather (mostly cloudless, no wind) was definitely a contributing factor, but the crunch of the snow beneath my boots, the freezing air, and the first rays of sunlight striking the clouds on the horizon while the stars gleamed above... absolutely sublime. I'll never forget that moment and the experience on that slope. (Reaching the summit was cool too.) It is why we seek out the wild places, as you know.
— Skip J., Hampton, NJ
Bonaventure and staff continually inspired confidence in our group. At no time did I ever doubt we would make it to the summit.
— Juan C., Newburgh, IN
It was a wonderful experience! The guides and porters were half of what made the experience great, as were the really nice people we had in our group. We thought the route we took was awesome, and when we descended along the other route and looked back at the camping areas and scenery, it was confirmed that we had chosen the most beautiful hiking option with the best camping sites! As well, when we looked at other operations on the hike, it was obvious that Wilderness was one of the best run and top quality operations out there!
— Lori H., New Ulm, MN
This is an outstanding trip. Everything is well thought out and very well executed, every step of the way. The pre-trip planning and organization are top-notch. Everything from pick-up at Kilimanjaro airport on arrival to drop-off at departure was seamless. Pre and post-climb lodging were exceptional. The Safari extension was similarly well planned and well organized. The tented camps were fantastic and our safari guide was exceptional. This was a life-altering experience for us. Thank you for making it possible!
— Mike E., Anchorage, AK
Wow. I was blown away by the quality of the food and lodging during the Kilimanjaro expedition. This was due to the very hard work of the many experienced, talented, and excellent porters and staff members who accompanied us on the mountain. The head cooks, in particular, went above and beyond in crafting healthy, delicious menus that sustained us on our journey.
— Jacqueline V., Atlanta, GA
A trip of a lifetime that far exceeded my expectations. The route was truly spectacular, which we appreciated more on our descent and saw what other climbers experienced on their way to the summit. We could not have asked for better guides, who provided individual attention to each climber to give them what they needed and to ensure all were successful in reaching the summit. Unforgettable memories!
— Sandra H., Palatine, IL
We had an amazing adventure and it was made perfect by the hard-working team of people on the ground. The leaders and porters were truly amazing, and every day their kindness and attitude were outstanding. I can't say enough wonderful things about your team in Africa!
— Jennifer K., Kittery Point, ME
It was an indescribable, life-affirming experience that I will always cherish. In particular, I wanted to commend your selection of Bonaventure and Innocent as trip leaders. Their skill, thoughtfulness, and dedication made the entire trip seem effortless even though the challenge was great.
— James P., Burbank, CA
Had the time of my life. Beautiful landscapes. Great companions. Didn't want to come home!
— Fred T., Raleigh, NC
The climb up Kilimanjaro could not have been better. The preparation and communication of what and where we were going was outstanding. The overall guide team was fantastic; all were caring and concerned about our health and well-being. The route was good, and the timing of the campsites allowed us to make the summit without much difficulty. The food was great, the porters were friendly and thoughtful. A really memorable time.
— Geoff S., Richmond, VA
This is the best Kilimanjaro trek that you are going to find anywhere, with any company. I highly recommend it!
— James H., Newton Center, MA
Seeing the sunrise at the summit was exhilarating! All of the staff were amazing, from the leaders to the guides, cooking/camp staff, and porters.
— Sharon C., Newton Center, MA
An outstanding itinerary, giving us time not only to acclimatize but also to enjoy the many wonders of the mountain, which go well beyond just the summit (spectacular as that is).
— Susan F., Seattle, WA
Your team did an amazing job coordinating, assisting, informing, and providing sound leadership.
— Ed C., Hillsborough, NJ
Amazing trip! Leadership, other personnel (cooks, porters, etc.), itinerary, and particularly the meals definitely exceeded my expectations!
— Bill B., Houston, TX
There are no words to describe this adventure. This is the best trip so far!
— Lynn G., Orange, CT
I cannot say enough incredible things about the logistics, trip quality, support team, leadership. The emphasis on cleanliness at camps was highly appreciated and the food was always excellent and plentiful.
— Martin B., North Wales, PA
This trip was everything I've ever wanted and then some! The food was phenomenal and the accommodations (even the tents) were extraordinary. I had an amazing experience and can't wait to go on another Wilderness Travel trip.
— Martha M., Granger, IN
It was an amazing trip, with awesome porters and guides who created a fun atmosphere. Turkey dinner on Christmas Day with Christmas crackers! How fun was that! On the summit, we were on top of the world, thanks to our guides and porters.
— Carrie S., Redmond, WA
I felt very well cared for in every way. This was a challenging trip, but it was so well planned and well executed that success was assured. Thank you for designing a trip that made it possible for me to complete this climb with such high spirits and all happy memories!
— Candace S., Palo Alto, CA
Our guide and the assistants were outstanding, encouraging us and providing helpful information for the entire itinerary. We could not have summited without them!
— Rani C., Austin, TX
This was an awesome trip. It is a challenging hike but the staff does a great job at making the summit attainable—I wouldn't go with anyone else!
— Steve F., Manakin Sabot, VA
The Kilimanjaro climb was the experience of a lifetime. WT does such a fantastic job. It was so well organized and I always felt safe and secure.
— Karen G., Orinda, CA
Trip of a lifetime. We are so pleased that we selected Wilderness Travel.
— Robert S., Moraga, CA
You did a wonderful job of planning the trip, and my climbing partners and I felt wonderfully cared-for—pampered really—by so many details such as hot water and coffee at the tents upon wake-up, tea time every day (which included wine except when we were climbing), hot eucalyptus-scented washcloths and cool fruit juice awaiting us when we returned from hot, dusty days on the Serengeti.
— Phyllis L., Middletown, CT
Amazing, fantastic, great, awesome. I totally loved it.
— Tomas H., Dublin, CA
The trip of a lifetime for me! It was life changing and outstanding in every way. I not only made the summit but also fell in love with Africa and her people.
— Midge S., Jerome, AZ
A class organization. Other groups we encountered on the mountain were not even in the same ballpark. The Trip Leaders, porters, and all ancillary support staff were fantastic.
— Stephen G., South Londonderry, VT
I loved, loved, loved the trip—if I could do the Kilimanjaro climb every year, I would. It was an extraordinary experience.
— Julie O., Alexandria, VA
Fabulous—could not have expected more and cannot think of any way the trip could be improved. I felt very well taken care of, comfortable, and loved every minute of it!
— Sarabeth D., Vienna, VA
I was very impressed. Everything was smooth. Amazing food on the mountain!
— Michele R., Steamboat Springs, CO
Wonderful trip, very smooth despite the logistical challenges. Amazing, really! I felt well taken care of.
— Fred G., San Antonio, TX
A first-class trip, smooth from start to finish.
— Paul S., Boulder, CO
We were very impressed by the quality of the crew on the Kili climb. All were friendly, supportive, encouraging, and clearly better organized than other groups we saw on the mountain. Our camp cooks were amazing.
— Cappy N., Lebanon, NH
I had a fabulous trip—truly the trip of a lifetime. I cannot thank you enough for the well-thought-out itinerary and acclimatization plan.
— Sandra B., Sacramento, CA
Fantastic travel experience with a caring staff, comfortable accommodations, and delicious food considering the logistical challenges on Kilimanjaro. Camp food was varied and beautifully presented. Porter service was always with a smile.
— Virginia Y., Leesburg, VA
The Kilimanjaro trip was one of the best trips I've ever done. Both my husband and I loved the trip and our guides were excellent!
— Michelle W., Johannesburg, South Africa
We had an amazing time on this trip. It was extremely well planned, and we didn't have to worry about anything!
— Amanda & Lance L., Denver, CO