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Palau Private Journey

Discover a Pacific Wonderland


Enter an aquamarine world of rare old-growth coral gardens, saltwater waterfalls, and outer-reef “drop-offs” teeming with brilliant tropical fish. On this unique Private Journey, you’ll kayak across Nikko Bay, with its sheer limestone walls, snorkel in the Blue Devil Gardens, where sparkling blue devil damsel fish dance between the corals, and explore the vibrant outer reefs of Ngercheu Island, a veritable “underwater Serengeti.” Your private guide unlocks the secrets of this world as you explore each day, and Palau’s phenomenally scenic Rock Islands provide a stunning backdrop. Comfortable accommodations are in small beachside resorts that offer you delightful access to this natural history paradise.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-2
Koror / Babeldaob

After arriving in Koror, head to Babeldaob Island for a hike to Ngchesar Waterfalls and a visit to the national museum to learn a bit about Palau’s culture and history.

Palau Carolines Resort
Koror, Palau
Days 1 to 5 (5 nights), Day 9 (1 night)
Palau Pacific Resort (Optional Upgrade)
Koror, Palau
Days 1 to 5 (5 nights), Day 9 (1 night)
Days 3-5
Rock Islands / Risong Bay / Blue Devil Gardens / Ulong Island

The phenomenally beautiful Rock Islands are glittering emeralds scattered across a sapphire sea. Kayak at Nikko Bay, with its sheer limestone walls, drift-snorkel the pristine Blue Devil Gardens, visit a salt-water waterfall spilling into a turquoise oasis, hike in Ulong Island’s canopy-covered forest to an ancient village site. At Wilson's Channel and the Ulong Arch, discover colorful damselfish, monogamous butterflyfish, and photogenic angelfish.

Palau Carolines Resort
Koror, Palau
Days 1 to 5 (5 nights), Day 9 (1 night)
Palau Pacific Resort (Optional Upgrade)
Koror, Palau
Days 1 to 5 (5 nights), Day 9 (1 night)
Days 6-8
Rock Islands / Jellyfish Lake / Ngercheu / Turtle Cove / Ngemelis

Visit Giant Clam Beach, with its stacks of 500-pound clams, and snorkel at mesmerizing Jellyfish Lake, where millions of non-stinging jellyfish bounce off your body. Head for the vibrant outer reef of Ngercheu Island, where vertical drop offs descend into the blue-water abyss, and snorkel world-famous Turtle Cove, a vertical reef wall. At the legendary outer reefs of Ngemelis, enter an underwater Serengeti, a habitat for over 1,200 species of fish.

Days 9-10
Peleliu World War II Sites / Koror

After a fascinating day of exploring the Peleliu Island’s historic battle sites, fly to Koror and depart on Day 10.



Snorkel, kayak, and explore the Rock Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of pristine coral reefs and dazzling limestone islands
Experience Palau’s famed marine biodiversity, with hundreds of coral species and 1,500 species of reef fish
Learn about traditional Micronesian culture, swim with stingless jellyfish, visit the evocative World War II battle sites of Peleliu


Length: 10 days
Cost From: $5895  
Arrive: Koror, Palau
Depart: Koror, Palau
Lodging: 9 nights beach resorts
Meals: All meals included except 4 dinners as indicated in the Detailed Itinerary (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Sea Kayaking, Snorkeling, Wildlife and Natural History
Trip Level:

Snorkeling, easy to moderate sea kayaking (3-5 hours a day on Days 3-5), easy hikes, exploration by boat
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