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The New Model of Community Conservancy: A Symposium and Safari Program

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4-Day Symposium

We’ve designed our symposium to give you an enriching experience of Namibia’s wildlife and unique landscapes, along with fascinating presentations by our Guest Speakers. Our journey begins in Windhoek, the capital city. We’ll travel to the AfriCat Foundation, one of the world’s largest big cat rehabilitation and release sanctuaries. Here we’ll meet some of the leaders of this innovative organization to learn about their conservation efforts firsthand, and enjoy game drives tracking radio-collared leopard and searching for rare species such as rhino and brown hyena. In celebrated Etosha National Park, presentations are combined with thrilling game viewing to give you an insider’s perspective as we explore the creative integration of wildlife and community in Namibia.

Symposium Locations

AfriCat Foundation, Okonjima

Okonjima is home to the renowned AfriCat Foundation, one of the world’s largest big cat rehabilitation and release sanctuaries. We will meet some of AfriCat’s key personnel, learn about their conservation efforts firsthand, and venture out on game drives to track radio-collared leopards and seek out rare and endangered species such as rhino and brown hyena.

Etosha National Park

Set on Namibia’s central plateau, Etosha is a haven for wildlife, including four of the Big Five—rhino, leopard, lion, and elephant—along with gemsbok (oryx), zebra, cheetah, hyena, and the endemic black-faced impala. In April, game viewing on the green, rain-refreshed plains allows us to see prolific game and observe lots of wildlife activity, including newborns. And with more than 340 species, the birding in Etosha is terrific!

8 Unique Safaris

We have designed eight extraordinary safaris to pair with the symposium. Complete information, including day-to-day itineraries and detailed pricing, is available on request.

gemsbok oryx herd namibia
A Vision for Wildlife: Namibia Expedition

Himba Tribes, Sossusvlei Dunes, and a Desert Hike

16 days from: $9495
Namibia is one of the most hauntingly beautiful safari destinations on earth, brimming with jaw-dropping geological wonders and exotic species found nowhere else. Join us to view 6,000-year-old rock art on the flanks of sandstone peaks, track desert-a...

namibia giraffe release
A Vision for Wildlife: Giraffe Conservation Safari

World-Exclusive Safari with GPS Tagging of Giraffe

14 days from: $10,695
Join one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Julian Fennessy, and his Giraffe Conservation Foundation team and experience unparalleled access to the work these experts are doing to save this species that is facing a “silent extinction.” You’...

desert lions sand africa
A Vision for Wildlife: In the Realm of the Desert Lion

An Exclusive Conservation Safari in Namibia

13 days from: $9995
On this spectacular and unique adventure, we bring you behind the scenes to conservation groups that are pioneering ways to protect Namibia’s amazing wildlife, including endangered black rhino and the magnificent desert lion, which exists nowher...

rhino black two water
A Vision for Wildlife: Southern Africa Wildlife Safari

Victoria Falls, Botswana, and South Africa

15 days from: $7195
Three extraordinary destinations—one wonderful safari! In Zimbabwe, we marvel at mighty Victoria Falls and take a sunset cruise on the great Zambezi River (expect to see hippos!). Heading to Botswana, we explore the wildlife Eden of the Okavango...

elephant botswana boat game view
A Vision for Wildlife: Botswana Wildlife Safari

“Under Canvas” in Chobe, Okavango & Moremi, and Visit Victoria Falls

14 days from: $9995
Botswana’s diverse ecosystems are astoundingly beautiful, from the savannas and woodlands of magnificent Chobe National Park, sheltering the world’s largest herds of elephant, to the Okavango Delta, an exquisite wetland of lagoons, channel...

female lions pride zimbabwe africa
A Vision for Wildlife: Wild Zimbabwe

Hwange and Zambezi National Parks and Victoria Falls

12 days from: $8395
Zimbabwe is a phenomenal safari destination, and our exciting adventure weaves together all its magic. We experience the wonder of Victoria Falls, then enjoy amazing wildlife viewing in Hwange National Park, home to some 40,000 elephants along with li...

leopard in tree zambia africa
A Vision for Wildlife: Undiscovered Zambia

Walks on the Wild Side

12 days from: $7395
Zambia, birthplace of the walking safari, is remote and untamed, and during the “emerald season,” its lush green expanses teem with wildlife and birdlife. With our consummate safari guide Jason Alfonsi, we’ll appreciate the African w...

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