Japan: Castles, Samurai, and Legends

Treasures of Feudal Japan

Client Comments

I like that the trip was modeled more after a Japanese-syle vacation (staying in ryokans, traveling by train) as opposed to a more standard "package tour" mode of travel (renting a bus, staying in more impersonal western style hotels). My initial attraction to this itinerary was driven by an interest in Edo period history. The trip was excellent for that, but some of the most engaging parts for me turned out to be smaller, unexpected moments, like our time on the Kii peninsula. That was a wonderful taste of a more rural Japan, and I loved it there.
— Alex R., Fall City, WA
The quality of the food was excellent, and we always had the best lodging available. I can't say enough positives about our Trip Leader—she was fabulous! She took care of everyone's little idiosyncracies and looked after us so well. We couldn't have asked for a better trip leader!
— Ginny W., Danville, CA
Amazing—I loved everything about the trip and can't wait to return to Japan. The hotels and ryokans were terrific, the transportation was excellent, and the food was magnificent. I loved every single place we visited!
— Lana B., ,