Italy's Volcano Trails

Hiking Mt. Etna and the Aeolian Islands

Repertory Trip: Next Offered September 21-October 1, 2020

Client Comments

This was a great adventure and I loved hiking on the volcanoes! I was concerned about the overnight ferry, but it was fun and the accommodations were good. The cooking class was a lot of fun—everyone enjoyed it and got involved. I am very happy that I got to visit the Aeolian Islands, which I wouldn't have heard about if not for this trip.
— Melissa M., Kihei, HI
A marvelous tour of active volcanoes at one of the hearts of western civilization, with an eye to how people have related to these wonders and hazards through time!
— Donna A., Golden, CO
It was an amazing trip. Such a wide variety of experiences—every day was different and just kept getting better.
— Gretchen Y., Sedona, AZ
Fantastic trip, wonderful hikes, terrific food, great guides. We will continue to use WT for many trips in the future.
— Thomas Y., Sedona, AZ
I think I have been on 12 or so trips with you guys and this might be the best ever—guides were great, hiking five volcanoes was something not to be missed, food and wine and coffee unbelievable!
— Craig K., Sewickley, PA
This trip was spectacular. The itinerary, the food, the accommodations, the guides—all were top notch. Looking forward to future trips!
— Liz P., Toronto, Ontario
It was a fantastic itinerary! We started with Vesuvius and it allowed for an easy trek. And then it got progressively more challenging with each volcano. The changing of hotels every 2 days was wonderful.
— Angie P., Woodbridge, Ontario
What a marvelous trip! By far the most enjoyable adventure because of the many activities planned day after day. From sea to towns to mountains, there was never a dull moment. Apart from that, our guides were always on point in anticipation of our needs, interests, and questions. The trip showed me a side of Italy that I never knew existed. I have been to Italy more than half a dozen times, but I never knew that Sicily and the Aeolian a Islands were so intoxicatingly beautiful.
— Josie V., Woodbridge, Ontario
This is a great trip. One high point was watching lava explosions at night on Stromboli. Stunning! Another was walking through Pompeii with our guide bringing it to life in our imaginations.
— Jamey H., Newton, MA
We loved this trip and seeing the different types of volcanoes and experiencing the variety of southern Italy, especially through its cuisine. The hike up Stromboli was a special highlight. We fell in love with southern Italy, especially the Aeolian Islands.
— Carol and Jim B., Kensington, MD
Please keep this destination! It's a truly amazing experience. Having three guides allowed for each of us to have a unique experience.
— Pam M., Lake Forest, IL

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