Ice Cap Hike, Viking Fjords Cruise, Icebergs, and Musk Ox Safari


With icebergs spilling out of its fjords, humpback whales spouting in its waters, and a fascinating Inuit culture, Greenland is a magnificent land for adventure. We boat deep into the stunning Western Fjords, walk on the massive Greenland Ice Sheet (the blue of the meltwater against the ice is absolutely surreal), enjoy an Inuit barbecue, and hike the tundra in search of musk ox. In Ilulissat, north of the Arctic Circle, we hike right alongside massive icebergs on the shores of Kangia Icefjord, discover an ancient Inuit settlement, and during our midnight cruise, watch the play of light and color of the Arctic twilight reflected on towering icebergs. If you’ve ever wanted to experience one of the planet’s most jaw-droppingly beautiful settings, Greenland is the place.

Itinerary at a Glance

Days 1-2
Nuuk / Western Fjords / Qooqqut Nuan

In Nuuk, the capital, we hike up Ukkusissat Mountain and savor an Inuit-style barbecue by the sea. On our boat cruise along the granite cliffs of the Western Nuuk Fjords, we’ll fish along the way, hike to a Viking ruin, and enjoy our fresh catch for lunch at a boat-in lodge.

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Days 3-4
Kangerlussuaq / Musk Ox Safari / Hike the Ice Sheet

We set out with our guides in search of iconic musk ox, or “umimmak” in Greenlandic, meaning “long-bearded one,” and the next day we hike on the Greenland Ice Sheet, with two miles of ice beneath our feet!

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Day 5
Ilulissat / Midnight Cruise

North of the Arctic Circle, we explore Ilulissat, home to more sled dogs than people. We’ll see the colossal bergs of Kangia Icefjord on a midnight cruise at the mouth of the Sermeq Glacier, said to have spawned the iceberg that sank the Titanic.

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Days 6-8
Disko Bay / Oqaatsut / Sermermiut

Boating through Disko Bay on the lookout for humpback whales, we hike from Oqaatsut along the coast with a panorama of floating icebergs and the dramatic profile of Disko Island. Our trails bring us past giant icebergs along the wild shores of Kangia Icefjord to the ancient Inuit settlement of Sermermiut. Depart Ilulissat on Day 8.

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Hike on the Greenland Ice Sheet, the second largest body of ice in the world!
Cross the tundra to look for herds of shaggy musk ox
Experience the culture of the Inuit, who have thrived in Greenland’s extreme environment
Walk along iceberg-strewn shores to an ancient Viking settlement
Discover the glacier-carved wonder of the pristine Western Fjords
Cruise past towering icebergs under the long evening light of the Arctic summer
Enjoy a special Inuit barbecue, sample Greenland’s fresh local seafood


Length: 8 days
Cost From: $5895  
Arrive: Nuuk, Greenland
Depart: Ilulissat, Greenland
Lodging: 7 nights rustic hotels
Meals: All meals included (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)
Activity: Cultural Adventures, Hiking / Trekking
Trip Level:

A mix of moderate walks and hikes over varying terrain, 1-6 hours a day, cultural exploration, travel by small boat, access to the Ice Sheet by rough dirt road

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