Tribal Ghana, Togo, and Benin

Royal Festivals, Mask Dances, Voodoo Spirits, Clay Castles

Client Comments

The cultural interchange was amazing and our tour leader injected our road travels with unexpected stops and community visits that were incredible experiences.
— Michael H., Big Sky, MT
A cultural journey like no other I have ever experienced! The uniqueness and authenticity of the activities were truly remarkable.
— Thomas W., Sautee Nacoochee, GA
I have traveled extensively, but this trip was truly an exploration of a totally different world. Just fabulous!
— Brita A., Washington, DC
The trip was outstanding! Our exposure to the different tribes and various ceremonies was fascinating and really the highlight.
— Diane M., Elm Grove, WI
Sometimes I felt as if I was back in the pages of a 1960s National Geographic. It was that kind of unique experience. Can't wait to do another trip with WT!
— Marcia O., Sacramento, CA
This was a very worthwhile and horizon-expanding trip. This part of Africa is not a heavily-traveled tourist destination, and tourist facilities are often basic, but the wealth of cultures, tribes, and customs makes this a great trip for those who have already experienced the more 'popular' Africa destinations.
— Jack S., Evergreen, CO
This was an unforgettable trip, featuring cultural exchanges and visits to unbelievable festivals and sites. Every day held something of interest, and we had the benefit of meeting friendly people and participating in authentic festivals such as the tribute to the Ashanti king and the voodoo ceremony.
— Sara K., Las Cruces, NM