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Ancient Copan Extension

The Athens of the New World

This extension can be booked pre- or post-trip


Set on the banks of the Río Amarillo in Honduras, the World Heritage Site of Copán is the most artistically advanced of all Mayan cities, surpassing other Mayan sites in its wealth of sculptures, hieroglyphics, and beautifully carved stone stelae. This can be booked as a pre- or post-trip extension.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
Guatemala City or Flores / Copán, Honduras

From Guatemala City, or Flores if you are coming from Tikal, transfer by private car to Copán Ruinas, a charming town of cobbled streets and red-tiled roofs. En route, visit Quiriguá, a unique archaeological site surrounded by the largest banana plantation in Central America. Along with Copán, Quiriguá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the tallest stone-carved stelae in the Maya world. Copán Ruinas' main plaza is dominated by a whitewashed Baroque cathedral. On the west side of the plaza is the impressive regional archaeological museum, with an excellent display of carved stelae from Copán. Overnight at Hotel Marina Copán...BL

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Days 2-3
Explore Copán

A World Heritage Site, Copán was the most important city-state in the southern Maya world. In 426 AD, the warrior-shaman founder of Copán, Great Sun First Quetzal Macaw, established the city and began a 400-year dynasty. Copán’s golden era began around 550 AD and the highly artistic period reached its pinnacle under the reign of Eighteen Rabbit (695-738 AD). The famed Hieroglyphic Stairway, one of the finest pieces of architecture in the Maya world, was completed under the ruler Smoke Shell (749-763 AD). Enjoy full-day tours of Copán, including the Great Plaza, strewn with magnificent carved stelae, Ball Court, Acropolis, and the astonishing Hieroglyphic Stairway as well as the excellent Museum of Mayan Sculpture near the visitor center. Overnights at the Hotel Marina Copán...BL

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Day 4
Guatemala City or San Pedro Sula / Depart

Transfer by private car to Guatemala City or San Pedro Sula for departure...B


Length: 4 days
Cost From: $1395  
Arrive: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Depart: Guatemala City, Guatemala or San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Lodging: 3 nights hotel
Meals: Meals as indicated
Activity: Archaeology
Trip Level:

Cultural explorations and walking tours

Visa Requirements

Visas are not required for U.S. citizens visting Guatemala or Honduras.