Hiking the Faroe Islands

Journey to Europe’s Best-Kept Secret

Client Comments

The hiking was excellent, but I really enjoyed the home visits also. It was a unique way to experience local culture.
— Julie S., Emporia, KS
One of the best trips I've been on. The Faroes are magnificent to behold, the hiking was fabulous, and the views were jaw dropping stupendous.
— Lynne R., Larkspur, CA
Loved the home visits with locals for tea, post-hike snacks, lunch and dinner. Unique experiences!
— Mary C., Earlham, IA
This trip exceeded my expectations—and I had fairly high expectations. Our guide and the itinerary design were excellent.
— Sarah L., Sioux Falls, SD
This trip was a wonderful introduction to the beauty of the Faroe Islands and the culture and history of the Faroese. The people we met generously offered us their hospitality, culture, history, and personal stories.
— Sandy J., Irvine, CA
A well-designed itinerary with a wonderful mix of hiking and cultural experiences. The cultural interactions with local residents were one of the high points of the trip. The hikes were very scenic, historic, and enjoyable.
— Sandra C., Seattle, WA
Skye's skill in identifying places and people ensured a wonderful balance of hiking, cultural experiences, and time in the homes of Faroese people. We had access to very unique places and met people who added their personal perspectives to life in the Faroes.
— Eleanor H., W Montrose, Ontario
Hiking the Faroe Islands
I enjoyed this trip so much that I almost cried when it was over. With Skye as leader, there was NEVER a dull moment.
— Ruby S., Vancouver, BC
This was such a fabulous trip in such a beautiful country. I loved the exercise and I loved so many of the cultural events—visiting the artist, the brewery, the old farmhouses, the churches, Oliver's boat trip. It was just great.
— Vicki V., Baltimore, MD
I've wanted to hike in the Faroe Islands for more than 20 years and was glad that Wilderness offered the trip. There was spectacular scenery, great accommodations, and a guide who cared about our experiences—in towns, beautiful churches, and the arts. We had two gatherings in private homes and the Faroese were so welcoming. I would highly recommend the trip to anyone.
— Gay T., Fort Myers, FL